Teena Marie

It was announced yesterday that Teena Marie, the Ivory Queen of Soul passed away.     We were JUST talking about her and her talent on Christmas night!   I feel really sad about this … she was totally from my generation and I so related to her music.  

I still remember when I was Broadcasting class at Sac State, that I used songs from Teena Marie’s ‘Irons in the Fire’  for the majority of my assignments for an entire semester.   My professor teased me that he learned her songs because he had to hear them all of the time!  I carried around my ‘ALBUMS’ to and from class, as there were no CDs yet and we couldn’t use cassettes so Teena Marie was with me during my very first days of being on my own in the big city!  

Great songs — Portuguese Love, Lovergirl, Ooh LaLaLa, We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This, DejaVu, If I Were A Bell, Wishing on a Star, I Need Your Lovin’, I’m Still Loving You, Out on A Limb, Fire and Desire and so many more.   

 As much as I liked her, my sis Kiki REALLY was one of her biggest fans and saw her live many times, I remember we went to Oakland to see Teena Marie a few years ago and it was fun to watch Kiki because she knows EVERY word to almost EVERY song!


The Importance of One’s Own Bed

I am one of those people who is happiest sleeping in my own bed.   Maybe it’s because I was a ‘preemie’ born 3 months premature … I am certain that I was in the same bed most of the time while I had to stay in the hospital gaining strength so that I could go home with my parents!  

I used to be really embarrassed about this … like I was some kind of baby or something who needs her security blanket.  As I got older, I let comfort be my guide — if I slept better en mi propia cama, so be it!   Now, it doesn’t even phase me, I will drive to my place at all hours of the madrugada just to sleep in the comfort of my own pillows, blankets, tv remote, clock, pajamas…Let me tell you, to this day, I still travel with my own blankets and pillows JUST IN CASE I need to spend the night somewhere.   I remember even going to Mexico to visit familia and my suitcase HAD to include my blanket/pillow!

If I stay at a hotel, tenlo por seguro that I have my bedding with me and if I ever shared a room with any of you…you will KNOW that I rarely share a bed,  I can usually be found on the floor toda comoda with my blanket and pillow 🙂 

My life was so crazy that I basically had to always have extra clothes, extra shoes, blankets and pillows with me as I’d have to be up at these crazy hours and never be done until 12 or more hours later…would just get a hotel sometimes and there were the infamous years at Entravision Radio, where I used to frequently sleep in the conference room, the production studio, anywhere where I could lock a door.  So I can count the times that I’ve had overnight guests at my house … I was always too crazy busy.

One of the family jokes for me is “Linus” — after cartoon character Charlie Brown’s friend Linus — who goes nowhere without his blanket!

I think that it would be smarter for me to stay the night sometimes…I could rest and not drive toda cansada, I could relax a little more and not be so ‘on the run’ all of the time!     So, on the rare occasion that I do decide to take you up on your offer to spend the night, don’t worry about getting me blankets, pillows, or even a bed … all I may need is help bringing in my pillows and blankets in from the car!

Feliz Navidad 2010


2010 has been a year of dramatic change for me … at the beginning of the year; La Preciosa 104.9 was sold and guess what? we were all shown the door.  Luckily for me, I was able to join Voto Latino shortly thereafter and have worked on campaigns for the Census 2010, the 2010 Midterm Elections, and, now, the Dream Act.  I went from having a crazy, wild, commute, working 24/7, never having weekends off, rarely spending time with familia or friends, and living a stressful life to working from home, having little or no commute, learning how to work on East Coast time (as my colleagues are in Washington DC) so lots of times, I’d be done by 5pm most days,  organized myself into study groups so that I would not fall behind in school, finally having some weekends off, spending more time with my familia and friends, and trying to distance myself from stress.    While my job at Voto Latino is contract and will likely end in 2010, I am back in job search mode – not easy in this current economic situation.   


I am, however, very grateful that, while my life is not perfect, that FINALLY the important things are getting taken care of:  spending more time with familia and friends,  less stress,  my studies at SFSU are moving forward, si Dios quiere, I’ll be done in May 2011!    I feel like everything that I’ve tried to do this year was an investment – trying to live happier by connecting with friends and spending more time with my familia, paying that almighty SFSU tuition to move forward toward my certification in the Spanish/English Interpretation Program.  It feels like I’ve been guided to take care of the important things in my life that have everything to do with my emotional, spiritual, and physical health and nothing to do with money (because, believe me, $$$ doesn’t exist J).  Wish I could tell you that this wisdom just hits you como si nada, but it has taken a lot of prayer and work for me to keep centered and calm in my current situation!  Gracias a Dios, I have felt His backup at every step of the way … I’m sure that it was always there, but I didn’t listen as I was worrying about other things – a lot of them insignificant.  Mom’s always right … she always tells me to  ‘Let Go and Let God’!


Said goodbye to:  Uncle J, Aunty Vera, La Preciosa 104.9, La Voz de Oro Felipe Ojeda, the commute, my salary as I knew it, stress, working 24/7, saying ‘no’ all of the time to friends and family


Celebrated:  Dad’s 75th Birthday, the Mike Torres Band 40th Anniversary, Tia Lili’s 76th Birthday, Nicolasa’s graduation from UOP, taking a road trip with my ‘children’ in August, continued health of Mom and Dad, finishing another year at SFSU, the Grijalva Girls Christmas Reunion, the musical talents of my ‘children’ , getting to know my ‘children’ better than ever before this summer while they worked with me


Looking forward to in Dec and in 2011:  Christmas at the Ranch and working with our kids on the Ranch Christmas presentation, passing my final on Dec 15th, finishing school in May, Taking and Passing the State Interpreter Exam, Getting Another Job, Spending time with familia, Mom and Dad’s 50th Anniversary, watching my ‘children’ work toward their educational and life goals, hearing our little Yazi learn how to talk, and working at living healthier! 


My favorite quotes of 2010: 

1.  Si me caigo por pendeja, me levanto por chingona.

2.  Let’s dare to be ourselves, for we do that better than anyone else can!  S. Briggs

3.  I believe that God only gives 3 answers to prayer:  1.  Yes!  2.  Not Yet. 3.  I have something better in mind.




Have great holidays and a safe New Year, and keep in touch!

Nothing like Tortillas straight off of the Comal

Fresh tortilla

HAD to share this pic! Any of us who have ever made tortillas know that ’round’ shape is relative…a la hora de la hora, the delicious smell of homemade tortillas makes us run for the mantequilla y sal and no one thinks about whether it’s round or not! Love tortillas right off of the comal!    This is from my friend Rosa Yanez Islas’ Sunday breakfast in Sacramento 🙂

Job Please…

Trying not to get too anxious about lack of employment … it is now full-on holiday season and I have never not had a job during the holidays — however, I know what the attitude at work is about now — everyone is in ‘holiday mode’ and not really concentrating on getting back to me about employment opportunities!  Aaay…all I have to keep doing is keep the faith and keep living life so that I don’t get too down about it!   It would be great to be gainfully employed by the end of January so I’ll continue working toward that goal and see what God thinks about my plan 🙂

Bienvenidos Welcome!

I’ve only been saying for months, weeks, days, and hours that I needed to start a blog…the best way for me to keep track of family events, friends, and things that interest me like books, music, radio, politics, etc.   Hope you enjoy my blog and I look forward to your comments and suggestions!   Como a mi me gusta escribir tanto en espanol que en ingles, podras encontrar info en ambos idiomas… If you like the page, subscribe to it!