The Importance of One’s Own Bed

I am one of those people who is happiest sleeping in my own bed.   Maybe it’s because I was a ‘preemie’ born 3 months premature … I am certain that I was in the same bed most of the time while I had to stay in the hospital gaining strength so that I could go home with my parents!  

I used to be really embarrassed about this … like I was some kind of baby or something who needs her security blanket.  As I got older, I let comfort be my guide — if I slept better en mi propia cama, so be it!   Now, it doesn’t even phase me, I will drive to my place at all hours of the madrugada just to sleep in the comfort of my own pillows, blankets, tv remote, clock, pajamas…Let me tell you, to this day, I still travel with my own blankets and pillows JUST IN CASE I need to spend the night somewhere.   I remember even going to Mexico to visit familia and my suitcase HAD to include my blanket/pillow!

If I stay at a hotel, tenlo por seguro that I have my bedding with me and if I ever shared a room with any of you…you will KNOW that I rarely share a bed,  I can usually be found on the floor toda comoda with my blanket and pillow 🙂 

My life was so crazy that I basically had to always have extra clothes, extra shoes, blankets and pillows with me as I’d have to be up at these crazy hours and never be done until 12 or more hours later…would just get a hotel sometimes and there were the infamous years at Entravision Radio, where I used to frequently sleep in the conference room, the production studio, anywhere where I could lock a door.  So I can count the times that I’ve had overnight guests at my house … I was always too crazy busy.

One of the family jokes for me is “Linus” — after cartoon character Charlie Brown’s friend Linus — who goes nowhere without his blanket!

I think that it would be smarter for me to stay the night sometimes…I could rest and not drive toda cansada, I could relax a little more and not be so ‘on the run’ all of the time!     So, on the rare occasion that I do decide to take you up on your offer to spend the night, don’t worry about getting me blankets, pillows, or even a bed … all I may need is help bringing in my pillows and blankets in from the car!


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