Teena Marie

It was announced yesterday that Teena Marie, the Ivory Queen of Soul passed away.     We were JUST talking about her and her talent on Christmas night!   I feel really sad about this … she was totally from my generation and I so related to her music.  

I still remember when I was Broadcasting class at Sac State, that I used songs from Teena Marie’s ‘Irons in the Fire’  for the majority of my assignments for an entire semester.   My professor teased me that he learned her songs because he had to hear them all of the time!  I carried around my ‘ALBUMS’ to and from class, as there were no CDs yet and we couldn’t use cassettes so Teena Marie was with me during my very first days of being on my own in the big city!  

Great songs — Portuguese Love, Lovergirl, Ooh LaLaLa, We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This, DejaVu, If I Were A Bell, Wishing on a Star, I Need Your Lovin’, I’m Still Loving You, Out on A Limb, Fire and Desire and so many more.   

 As much as I liked her, my sis Kiki REALLY was one of her biggest fans and saw her live many times, I remember we went to Oakland to see Teena Marie a few years ago and it was fun to watch Kiki because she knows EVERY word to almost EVERY song!


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