Get Your Power BACK Girl!

This has been one crazy weekend…without going into much detail, I’ve been overwhelmed with negativity, it’s been hours of pure disillusionment, where things crashed in my face as I thought I was doing something right for a change, where I was made to feel that my contribution didn’t mean much.   Not the best attitude when you are looking for your next employment opportunity!

While I may feel sad, angry, or disgusted with a certain organization or person(s); it should not mean that I give up on my inner fight, my inner chingona, my power. I’ve always been able to keep that inner fire alive ever since I can remember — no matter who liked it or not, no matter how popular it was or not, no matter what.  I just needed to be reminded, that’s all…

So, I let myself wallow this weekend and gave myself a time limit: that by 7am this morning, that I would make an attitude adjustment and that ‘tendria que salir a conquistar aunque sea parte de mi mundo’, that I would go out an conquer even just a part of my world. Thankfully, I did not forget to ask some of you for help and suggestions to get me out of my funk and back into business…thought I’d share some of these email responses that helped me get my power back … and to my friend who called me at one in the morning after getting my email just to make me laugh … Mil Gracias!   

LOVE your suggestions!   Helped me get my balance back today…

* You have done a lot for others and God keeps score even when others forget. He is the one person you want to know this stuff.  Your turn is coming…

* pull out strategic plan; revise as needed; post in area where u spend  a lotta  time (mirror, kitchen, window, etc.) so u can physically see it.revisit strategic plan.

*get real with what u can “secure” with ur current experience, age and gender. u know there r some f#$@%&!$ out there that r haters and u gotta deal wit dat! ain’t nothin’ off the table cuando tengo hambre!

* exercise to get rid of stress.
* list all the bills that need to get paid and identify the ones that need to be paid for first and let the ones that can wait a little longer.
* meditate and live in the present. it’s the only time we have. we can’t change the past, and have no control of the future. today is what we have.
* “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7

* as long as you’ve been a believer – God has never failed you, and he’s not about to now. Say a novena – pray for faith and He will take care of you.

* I make sure that I make sure my hair & make up look good. Because if you look good, you feel it!
* when I feel as if I want to stay in bed forever, I text a friend for encouragement.
* I did a purging of my life’s baggage & past… I cleaned out all of my boxes that were stored in closets or garage, hope chest, jewelry, everything!!
* when my mind starts to wander & think crazy things, I say out loud to myself “stop – don’t think this way. There is nothing I can’t do!!”

Today, I conquered a small part of my world — tomorrow, I’ll do the same! Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your fam, friends, and famfriends!


2 thoughts on “Get Your Power BACK Girl!

  1. Carmen,

    Siempre he admirado la visión que tienes del mundo, tus ganas de sair adelante y tu habilidad para hacer amistades. Admiro tu capacidad de disfrutarte a tí misma sin necesidad de estar acompañada, tu alegría y el positivismo qe te rodea. Tu blog, creas o no me ha hecho reflexionar acerca de mi vida y mi familia, de las cosas que realmente valen la pena en este mundo.
    Tienes una seguridad y aceptación que pocos como yo sabemos identificar y afrontar.
    A veces pienso, “Ay Diocito, tu de veras que crees que soy muy chingona para afrontar esta situación, ysi la pusiste en mi camino yo se que tu tienes la confinza de que podré salir adelante”…. Lo que no te mata te hace más fuerte.
    Cual sea la situación por la que estás pasando tengo la confianza de que algo bueno te estará esperando. Ni modo,a veces tenemos que lidiar con personas conflictivas y sobre todo inseguras que nos quieren hacer la vida difícil (como la pinche viejita cholila que trabaja aquí en la oficina), pero he decidido ignorlara porque ella sola lo está pagando con su misiera.

    Sigue con tu buena vibra que a muchos como nosotros nos ayuda también a seguir adelante y ser positivos.

    Si necesitas algo en que te pueda ayudar por favor avísame.

    =0) Florysel

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