Life thru the Eyes of a Musico

Growing up around musicians my entire life has allowed me to be comfortable around complete creative environments.  Where some folks might look at a musico’s life at face value and think that they are not contributing to society, I look at music as an essential part of education, life, and simple pleasures.     Musicos have a slightly different way, sometimes hilarious, way of looking at life and today, I kept seeing or hearing something a musician said and thought I’d share a few of these quotes:

‘If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not trying’  –Winton Marsalis

‘Live every day like it’s your last … and, one day, you’ll be right’  –Frank Sinatra

‘Pero yo creo que Dios, de repente dice:  ‘te me estas pasando, ahi te va para que sepas que eres una gente normal’  –Vicente Fernandez

‘When we get out of our own way, that’s when the best of us is released…’  –Sheryl Crow

These quotes relate to life as much as to music and the creative process … I also like one that my dad said once that I’ve never forgotten … this was when he was having a conflict with a security guard at a gig back in the day … ‘we’re all the same size…behind a 45’… LOL!  Musicians’ speak, sing, and play, many times, the stories of their (and sometimes our) lives and I like that they can be positive, hilarious and in your face all at the same time!


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