Some Insight on CHANGE

Going thru some changes now…back on the job market, very close to finishing school and unsure if I can make it happen or not for my final semester, ready (but not ready) to make major changes in my personal life…kind of scary NOT to know what’s coming next, I can only pray that it will be for the best … I get frustrated because it’s not all easy anymore…I was reading a few articles on Change and had to share some excerpts from author Anne Lamott that hit me in the face and got me out of bed to write:

You have to make mistakes to find out who are AREN’T.  You take the action, and the insight follows.  You don’t think your way into becoming yourself…basically I loved this call to action, to get myself off of my butt and get moving.  It’s amazing the power your mind has to bring you down, so staying out of my own way needs to happen to once I get going…

Every single day, try to figure out something that you no longer agree to do…You can say no.  No is a complete sentence.  How many times have I done things that I didn’t want to ‘por la paz’, because I was afraid of not being ‘in’, because I didn’t have the huevos to stand up for myself.   I have found that saying no doesn’t have to be aggressive or negative, it can just be.  People don’t trip on ‘no’ unless I do …

Dealing with your rage and grief will give you life.  This is both the good news and the bad news.  The solution is at hand.  Wherever the great dilemma exists is where the great growth is, too…there is always something ending and something beginning.  Yet at the very center of your spiritual identity:  is YOU.   Fabulous, darling, hilarious, screwed-up you.  Beloved of God and of your truest deepest self, the self that is revealed when tears wash off the makeup and grime.  The self that is revealed when dealing with your anger blows through all the calcification in your soul’s pipes.  The self that is reflected in the love of your very best friend’s eyes.   How cool is this?  Love the part about the ‘great dilemma’ making you grow and become more ‘you’.  Earlier, I was a mess of tears; but tears always serve to clear my head for a minute.  I didn’t arrive at the perfect solution YET but, Si Dios Quiere, I’ll know soon enough what my next move will be.  Can’t wait to feel like myself again!

I hope that you have gotten sufficiently tired of hitting the snooze button;  I know that what you need or need to activate in yourself will appear; I pray that your awakening comes with ease and grace, and stamina when the going gets hard.  To love yourself as you are is a miracle, and to seek yourself is to have found yourself, for now.  And now is all we have, and love is who we are.  Isn’t it a trip how we never stop learning?   I’m definitely tired of the same ole thing; and love her comment about awakening with ease and grace versus stamina.  Today was most definitely a ‘stamina’ day, a day to break out all of the faith!     Change is definitely in my immediate future … it feels like the change will be major … and not knowing makes me anxious.  This article stopped me in my tracks and settled me down…usually when I’m stunned into silence, it means that the absolute truth is in right in front of me.  I don’t want to hide under the covers anymore and ignore the truth.  Change is coming, I figure if I embrace it, that my awakening WILL come with grace and ease…y tu que piensas?


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