Had a hilarious time this weekend LAUGHING with friends.   Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday …  I haven’t felt this kind of stomach ache in a long time and dragging around my place this morning ‘desvelada’ tired from a fun weekend with no liquor or drama involved – just a lot of fun situations and a lot of laughing.  Love it that, more and more, I’m starting to be more like me how I used to be.   I was always the one who was laughing, joking around, loud, crazy, fun-loving…until work and stress got so in the way of my finding  joy in the simple things in life, to the point that I would stop myself, if I started to laugh, like it wasn’t normal.  What was that all about?  

Love the sound of laughter especially baby laughter like our little Yazi, who laughs out loud with all of her little body and soul!   Laughter in the house makes it feel warmer and fun, don’t you think?    My Mom frequently gets ‘laugh attacks’ where we all know that we have to wait it out before she can say anything – it’s cool!  And recently, I’ve seen my Dad have ‘laugh attacks’ too and it’s a lot of fun.  I am determined to embrace and to  invite laughter back into my life … 

Laughter didn’t stop today either…earlier this afternoon I was at the Ranch, Mom and I were in the living room watching TV, and she broke out with a funny comentario on what we were watching — don’t you know we BOTH started busting up laughing!   It made me happy to see Mom in good spirits even though she’s still a little under the weather with a bad cough!

Take a minute to LAUGH today!!!


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