Disconnecting to Charge Batteries

My blackberry has been temporarily disconnected … instead of feeling desperate, I’m actually kind of relieved. Only my familia and fam friends know that I have a ‘bat phone’ or ‘sancho phone’ (extra cell phone which is private) if need be. But the blackberry, as it is connected to every single email address that I own is constantly going off; and if I put it on ‘silent’ so that I don’t hear the alarms, it seems like every time I look at it, the little red light is blinking telling me that I have a call, email, or text message!

While I’m not working at the moment, it doesn’t feel at all like I’m unemployed — I have a bunch of projects that I’m working on, I have my studies at SFSU, I’m trying to find work which is like a full-time job, then there’s the pile of bills that will not get smaller anytime soon so I’m juggling/prioritizing daily to keep myself in line. You would think that I don’t need a ‘disconnect’ button in my life but, as it turns out, I got more done today and was less-stressed! Who says that blackberry stress is only for the gainfully employed?

Disconnecting temporarily from cyberspace isn’t that much of a bad thing…although I do admit, by late afternoon, I was getting the ‘shakes’ to check my email 🙂 But I did work out today inside because of the storm, dyed the roots in my hair, cleaned up the place a little, worked on a few projects on my laptop offline. It was actually kind of cool to not have to hear the phone ringing or alarm going off … because I have been known to go out to the car in the middle of the night in search of my ‘crackberry’, have left the shower to answer a call, and, yes, on occasion, I have been known to text and drive … so it was a very nice 8-hour disconnect break…not completely sure that I could survive without my blackberry but I do need a break from it from time to time!

Try turning the blackberry off and enjoy what life has to offer … can you do it?


SAYING YES to life

I had a great counseling session with a friend yesterday who reminded me that I need to become more comfortable with saying YES and to let others be there for me from time to time.   As one who always wanted to be in control of all in my life, I surprised myself by asking ‘how do I do this?’, and she simply said, ‘by saying YES more than NO’.    Yes to invitations, yes to simple things like taking a walk, hanging out, and work my way up to saying ‘yes’ to major things.   It had been my custom to never commit to anything aside from work — well, there’s no real work these days, so you can imagine that I’m kind of starting from zero.

There is one awesome thing that I did say ‘yes’ to a couple of weeks ago … and it felt like I made a major shift in my life toward the positive — in short, saying YES to life!  

2-3 weeks ago, I was feeling very down because I would not be able to enroll at SFSU due to lack of funds.   One night, I decided, ‘ya estuvo, that’s it’ and was trying to get my mind around the fact that I would have to wait another year to take my final course (as it’s only offered once per year).  The very next morning, I receive an email from a friend, who shall remain nameless, and who became part of my familia in that very instant:  this person offered to PAY my tuition for my final semester.   It took me hours to get over the shock of this offer, and I was so emotional that I couldn’t talk! (can you believe that? 🙂   I was actually shaking when I did say ‘yes’!

So it’s going to be a very intense semester – last night’s homework included FOUR pages of single-spaced vocabulary — aaay!  But, believe it or not, the fact that someone offered to be there for me and the fact that I said ‘yes’ made me feel stronger than ever and gave me a lot of hope for my future!

Si Dios quiere, I’ll be done with coursework on May 20th and getting ready to pass the State Interpreter Exam!  Cannot wait for the day when I am out of  ‘pobreza-mode’ and into my next chapter of my career!

A final thought on saying ‘yes’ more often…I’ve found that, by saying ‘yes’ more often that I am now surrounded by positive people and positive situations instead of all of the negativity of the past!

The Concept of Overwhelm

I’ve really been trying to keep a better schedule now that I’m in ‘buscando trabajo/work search’ mode — Got up and made myself an appointment to be somewhere at 8:30am, walked 4 miles, got my laptop and went somewhere to look for work online.   Pretty good, huh?  Well … turns out that I kept getting more down in the dumps looking at what’s not out there…so I took the advice of a friend who told me to look for what ails you online — so when I started to feel overwhelmed, I saw this article sent to me via email:   LOVED IT and thought that you might like to check it out for whenever you need to overcome Overwhelm:



I don’t know about you, but there are some days when I sit down at my desk to begin my workday and I feel as though my “To Do” lists have “To Do” lists. Within minutes I feel completely overwhelmed with the myriad of tasks confronting me. I decided to look carefully at the word O-V-E-R-W-H-E-L-M and see if it could offer me any clues. Here’s what I came up with:

Organize – Good organization can actually save time, energy, and wear and tear on your nerves.  You do not have to organize everything in your life all at once!  Try this—take one small project, a single drawer, shelf or pile and organize it. Observe the impact it has on you.

aVoidance I am not suggesting you practice avoidance, but rather avoid it.  Avoiding something that you know needs to be done simply adds to your sense of overwhelm. Instead, try doing one small task per day that you would rather avoid, and notice how it makes you feel.

ExerciseAlthough sometimes it can seem like a real effort to get to the gym or outdoors for a walk, paradoxically, you’ll feel more energetic if you exercise. I find writing exercise into my calendar as a scheduled activity makes it more likely to happen.

RealisticAsk yourself if what you are trying to accomplish in a single day is realistic. Look at your daily schedule as though it belonged to someone else. Is it realistic or is it bound to make you feel overwhelmed?

WriteOf course, you knew I would say this as a journaling expert. Even if it’s only for ten minutes a day, writing can help you focus, clarify your goals and clear your head of ongoing chatter.  Get it out of your head and onto paper.

HealthySometimes when faced with a decision, I’m not quite sure what to do. I might ask myself, “What is the healthiest choice for right now?”  Suddenly the answer becomes clearer.

Excellent vs. Good EnoughAlthough this will be annoying to perfectionists, changing your standards from excellent to good enough will work about ninety percent of the time. Reserve perfection for those things that absolutely deserve it.

LeverageThis is not the same as multi-tasking, but about how to best leverage your time. Make a larger amount of soup than you need, then freeze the rest in meal-size portions. Buy everyday household items in as large a quantity as you have space to store. Purchase gifts as you see them and put them away in a particular place.

Meditate Like writing and exercise, making meditation a daily practice pays big dividends. Start with just a few minutes a day to quiet your mind. Attach meditation to some other activity (like before you write) and notice what happens.

I hope this list of ideas hasn’t overwhelmed you!  If so, let me know.

What do you think of this list?  Pretty cool…it’s by Susan Borkin, I took a writing course from her and she always sends stuff out to motivate us to get off our butts and start writing — but this could apply to any situation!

So, if I go by the list above, turns out that I did get something done … maybe not everything like Type A me wants, but I didn’t step back, I moved forward aunque sea por pasitos/baby steps y conquiste, aunque sea parte, de mi mundo hoy…I conquered part of my world today.

The journey continues…