SAYING YES to life

I had a great counseling session with a friend yesterday who reminded me that I need to become more comfortable with saying YES and to let others be there for me from time to time.   As one who always wanted to be in control of all in my life, I surprised myself by asking ‘how do I do this?’, and she simply said, ‘by saying YES more than NO’.    Yes to invitations, yes to simple things like taking a walk, hanging out, and work my way up to saying ‘yes’ to major things.   It had been my custom to never commit to anything aside from work — well, there’s no real work these days, so you can imagine that I’m kind of starting from zero.

There is one awesome thing that I did say ‘yes’ to a couple of weeks ago … and it felt like I made a major shift in my life toward the positive — in short, saying YES to life!  

2-3 weeks ago, I was feeling very down because I would not be able to enroll at SFSU due to lack of funds.   One night, I decided, ‘ya estuvo, that’s it’ and was trying to get my mind around the fact that I would have to wait another year to take my final course (as it’s only offered once per year).  The very next morning, I receive an email from a friend, who shall remain nameless, and who became part of my familia in that very instant:  this person offered to PAY my tuition for my final semester.   It took me hours to get over the shock of this offer, and I was so emotional that I couldn’t talk! (can you believe that? 🙂   I was actually shaking when I did say ‘yes’!

So it’s going to be a very intense semester – last night’s homework included FOUR pages of single-spaced vocabulary — aaay!  But, believe it or not, the fact that someone offered to be there for me and the fact that I said ‘yes’ made me feel stronger than ever and gave me a lot of hope for my future!

Si Dios quiere, I’ll be done with coursework on May 20th and getting ready to pass the State Interpreter Exam!  Cannot wait for the day when I am out of  ‘pobreza-mode’ and into my next chapter of my career!

A final thought on saying ‘yes’ more often…I’ve found that, by saying ‘yes’ more often that I am now surrounded by positive people and positive situations instead of all of the negativity of the past!


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