Disconnecting to Charge Batteries

My blackberry has been temporarily disconnected … instead of feeling desperate, I’m actually kind of relieved. Only my familia and fam friends know that I have a ‘bat phone’ or ‘sancho phone’ (extra cell phone which is private) if need be. But the blackberry, as it is connected to every single email address that I own is constantly going off; and if I put it on ‘silent’ so that I don’t hear the alarms, it seems like every time I look at it, the little red light is blinking telling me that I have a call, email, or text message!

While I’m not working at the moment, it doesn’t feel at all like I’m unemployed — I have a bunch of projects that I’m working on, I have my studies at SFSU, I’m trying to find work which is like a full-time job, then there’s the pile of bills that will not get smaller anytime soon so I’m juggling/prioritizing daily to keep myself in line. You would think that I don’t need a ‘disconnect’ button in my life but, as it turns out, I got more done today and was less-stressed! Who says that blackberry stress is only for the gainfully employed?

Disconnecting temporarily from cyberspace isn’t that much of a bad thing…although I do admit, by late afternoon, I was getting the ‘shakes’ to check my email 🙂 But I did work out today inside because of the storm, dyed the roots in my hair, cleaned up the place a little, worked on a few projects on my laptop offline. It was actually kind of cool to not have to hear the phone ringing or alarm going off … because I have been known to go out to the car in the middle of the night in search of my ‘crackberry’, have left the shower to answer a call, and, yes, on occasion, I have been known to text and drive … so it was a very nice 8-hour disconnect break…not completely sure that I could survive without my blackberry but I do need a break from it from time to time!

Try turning the blackberry off and enjoy what life has to offer … can you do it?


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