Harta! Simultaneous Interpretation Homework

“Harta” means that I’m ‘up to here’ ‘sick and tired’ of someone or something. I have hit the wall this week with my homework assignments for my Simultaneous Interpretation class. We have passages where we either have to paraphrase in the same language (hard for me), or we translate passages into Spanish. I can usually get the interpreting into Spanish a lot faster than the paraphrasing assignments so I work them out one by one. I can usually get both types down so that, if I’m called in class, I can do a good, or at least decent, job of interpreting the assignments.

This week is a mountain of legalese in both English and Spanish and it has me going crazy. One of my former classmates told me that, in the Simultaneous portion of my coursework, that I would be humbled on a constant basis, and that I would question myself and my interpreting abilities at every turn! This week has certainly been one of those weeks! If I cannot get this legalese down, how can I expect to do so when someone’s life or livelihood is dependent upon how I translate for him/her?

Add to this, we must also simultaneously interpret a passage at a certain speed … if I haven’t got the vocabulary down, pues olvidate if I need to do this at say, 140 words per minute! I just have to put in an example of what I am to paraphrase in Spanish: “siempre que el cuerpo del delito conste por pruebas directas e inmediatas”; here’s another way of saying this: “con tal que exista pruebas directas e inmediatas del la substancia del delito” … ask me what this means in English, sepa Dios, ask me later!

Eso si, one thing is for sure, that by tomorrow at 4:30pm, when I leave for class…I will have a better understanding of this! So what if it took me an entire week and I still didn’t get it? I will try to make it happen so that I can make this assignment GO away! Aaaaaay! Working the other side of my brain is good for me … and tiring! Just hope that I don’t make a total fool of myself in class!


2 thoughts on “Harta! Simultaneous Interpretation Homework

  1. its just like learning another language…you will get it..its just time and exposure..I remember translating for a judge in Mexico one year…I must have lost 10 pounds in sweat..how do you translate concepts you don’t even understand in English..with time..my translations were smoother but man did it hurt at first. Humility is good for the soul..it reminds us that we are but children before God. I feel for those who never taste it..without it,we’d lose perspective

    1. Mel – tonight’s class me mando, de nuevo, a la fregada! But I finally did get more of a handle on things although I have to revise my study schedule to get things going in the right direction so that I don’t have to drink ese trago amargo all of the time 🙂

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