When Inspiration Hits…

My most creative time, sometimes to my dismay, is in the middle of night. It is now 3:28 am and, after a very intense night in class, I arrived home to mental exhaustion. Just as I was getting comfortable and thinking, “I’ll go to bed now” a couple of hours ago, I lay there, inquieta de a tiro, toda restless, and got my butt up to write what will soon be another chapter in my novela.

I was talking with a friend last night, who also writes, and we were laughing about the times that we’ve told ourselves, ‘wow, that’s a cool idea … but it’s too cold, I don’t want to get out of bed to write it down’ only to wake up completely disgusted because, while the idea may have not been forgotten, the absolutely cool way that you were going to develop and write it, that shot of inspiration that was not heeded, was gone. Add to that, I find that I write better when I have music playing in the background. I have salsa blasting so you know that the chapter(s) likely had something to do with partying or some type of passionate activity!

Being an event planner for so many years also requires certain types of music for inspiration in envisioning the type of event I want to have, how I want to audience to react, how it will look, etc. When I think of planning a huge, outdoor, event – I usually have good outdoor music playing that I like: salsa, cumbia, tejano, some oldies — things that make me see a good time outside under a not-too-hot sun.

Being a member of the Torres fam, we absolutely should not play music at night because it revs us up…I remember one time I woke up out of dead sleep and said ‘wow, what a good song!’ … so I will let myself listen to one or two or maybe three more songs, then I’ll turn the mp3 player OFF before a fourth song starts! This, in celebration, of the fact that I listened to my inner inspiration and now can happily go to sleep!


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