Wisdom from JORGE

I’ve always loved my famfriend brother by choice Jorge and his particular take on life. I have hundreds of emails and letters from him and have told him, many times, that I would make him immortal one day by writing about our friendship from all of these years and how his wisdom has helped me many, many, many times. It’s one thing to have a friend give you a pep talk, it’s quite another to have a friend tell you, with love, to get your depremida chillona ass back in action! From time to time, I will pull out one of Jorge’s letters and share them…love the way he communicates to me in his very unique combination of English, Spanish, Spanglish, Eubonics, and Texting!


1) listen for the lesson; what r u posta be learning here? maybe, how to be still? focus? don’t know, but axe urself these questions and see what u get.

2) is ur house clean top to bottom? is ur pc running in top shape? here’s where i’m goen with this: do ALL u can to “create” a space; a world where all those things u CAN influence or control, r done–completed. so a clean house will make u feel good; u’ll have a place u wanna be in, thereby influencing the “tone” in the home and opening ur heart and mind to all possibilities (a decent job to pay dem billz). i know, a wee bit “metaphysical” here, pero cual es la diferencia al prayer? me?, yo uso todo lo k se puede usar para ayudarme. so try this…. seriously, promise me. all ur stuff that u can “influence” should be done; don’t pick n choose, juss do it. amazing what can happen when ur “doing” something productive; the brain goes into a different place and the tone in the home: awesome! porque? cuz u did something that supports ur overall goal; a good life where u get paid.

3) don’t fill time; dude, iss not ur style to fill time. engage ur life; ur day with purpose. see the life force in all that u do. all activity has value and is to be respected; even scrubbin’ el pinche toilet porque that clean toilet is gonna make u feel good and that will lead to a good bowel which in turn is, in fact, “affrming” life cuz u b healthy. see how all is connected? das what i’m sayin’ homegurl; todo tiene valor; see ur day that way.

4) take periodic shots of ur fave libation (sp?). dude, i love me a good drank cuando i’ve done all i can do to make my day a productive one. so after the gym OR a wog (cross between a walk and a slow-ass jog cuz ur ass is like *HE PUT IN MY AGE, WHICH I SO DELETED* or somethin’) OR doen my laundry and cleaning my house, and life still sucks cuz i aint got no job, i fix a drink and iss happy tyne! no me hago borrachito or nothin’ like dat, pero asi como me gusta a good prayer session, or completing a challenging project, i too, love a good-ass buzz and it cost like way little cuz u buy the shit on sale at rite-aid or costco. .

5) put on some yoli del rio or some other “torch” music and cry like a lil’ bitch. feels great. anyone who knows me knows that i can only do this when iss me and jeezus. a good movie or alcohol-induced stooper r sure ways of gettin’ in touch with ur inner-self and again, very cost-effective. i love this one; serious. feels great after feelin’ sorry for myself for a few hours; juss me and god. get good info afterward. pero acuerdate, esto se hace en el privacy de tu casa; tu vida. don’t wanna be no “public” reina; serious. this is the kinda stuff u keep to urself cuz otherwise it juss looks like way sad; pathetic at our age. pero en privacy, issolll good and can be very therapeutic.

so there u have it homie, stuff i do to encourage value in my daily life. u wanted some ideas; here u go!! 2bro, jorge.

How cool is it to have someone to call you on your stuff and still love you at the same time? Don’t be afraid to ask your fam or famfriends for help when you need it!


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