Dia Internacional de La Mujer

Today, March 8th, is Dia Internacional de La Mujer! Today we celebrate the many contributions of women in all aspects of society. While I could try to focus on famous women and celebrities, there’s really no need as I am surrounded by strong, passionate, powerful, loving, funny women in all areas of my life and I celebrate them today!

First, the mother of them all, my Mom MARGARET TORRES, the first non-traditional woman I ever met in my life. Quiet and unassuming but could stand up for herself and her familia when need be, we always tease her about her ‘poison pen’ she can write a letter and set everyone straight like no one I’ve ever met. Mom is a stroke survivor and is almost a different person from the one that we grew up with and I love that her essential spirit is still there…moreso now, she holds nothing back and is the first to tell us that holding things in is what brought on her stroke. Love her!

I had the absolute pleasure to have had 2 very different GRANDMOTHERS who profoundly influenced my life: LUPE LUCIO “Mama Lupita” soooo colorful, so funny, so crazy, made life fun for us at the Ranch, irreplaceable and unique. FRANCES ‘Grandma’ HOGAN was my Mom’s foster mother – calmada, dignified, smart, and the exact opposite of MaLupita and so cool with us Torres kids. So I had a Latina and an Irish grandma … I was completely bicultural from Day 1 of my life – lucky for me. May they RIP forever.

I have TIAS who are my bonus mothers, Tia Lili, Tia Elvira, Tia Becky and Auntie Cathy ‘Ita’ — how cool is it to drive home to the ranch and know that I have a mother in each house on the way to the last house where Mom Margaret hangs out? Much love to Tia Chayo en El Paso…Josefina in Washington…and to the late Tia Adela, Aunty Vina, Aunty Jenny, Aunty Vera, Aunty Bea, Tia Sylvia, Connie … may they RIP.

Very blessed to have had some very cool godmothers … my NINA from baptism, Rita Herrera, has always been interested in what I’m doing with my life and I’ve gotten to know and understand her better as I’ve gotten older … love it that I’ve always been able to see my Nina as a lot of people don’t see their godparents that often. A couple of my Ninas are no longer with us and have been so important to me in my life: Marina Beltran showed me the value of having fun in life, Susan Casillas was my first mentor and taught me the first ropes of working events…

My SISTERS Kiki and Christy are my confidants, the ones I go to first for anything, the mothers of my ‘children’, the strongest women I know. I always feel safe and supported and completely myself around them … between the two of them, they could write their own book on the ups and downs of life! They were my roommates for a huge portion of my life and know everything, or almost everything that goes on with me 🙂

The MAMITA Club is the domain of my BEAUTIFUL nieces/goddaughters, the future of our world, the chicas who are getting ready to start their lives, the ones who are going to surpass anything that I could have ever contributed to the world. Diana, Nikki Nicolasa, Secilia CC, Antonia Christina, Angelica Angel, Aaliyah, and our happy Yazi! There are such a range of ages of our mamitas that we will be able to check out their adventures in life for years to come. Love them!

All of my PRIMAS and there are many in both the Grijalva and Torres sides of the fam. We are all very lucky especially we are a HUGE familia, our mothers made the extra effort for us to get to know each other personally! All of us at the Ranch are more like sisters since we all grew up together and Mom made sure that we spent time with the Grijalvas, Espinozas, Rafanans, Rodriguez, Prietos and all of our primas … they make my life FUN!

My RADIO sistas are the ones who ‘get it’ with regard to the importance of the career, etc. I have so many from my many lives in radio, KCVR, Radio Tricolor, Radio Romantica, La Raza, Mix 106.5, KBAY, KNTO, La Preciosa … we have to get together in one place and tell ‘war stories’! It would be one fun event eso si!

All of you mujeres in my FAM FRIENDS Club — ya’ll know who you are — some of the experiences that we’ve gone thru cannot be shared in mixed company LOL and others make for a very fun time … all of you from East Union, Delta, Sac State, Denver, San Francisco State, Community Organizers, and Event Planners … I will have to start writing about some of the crazy things we’ve seen or done — whether people believe it or not, it will be a fun story to tell!



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