Bienvenidos a California! Latinos and Census 2010

Just checking out the Census 2010 figures for Latinos in California and so hoping that we put use these numbers to our advantage and not just as point of reference, I want us to MATTER! It is so time for us to believe in our contributions to California, the U.S., and to society in general.

My fam friend Jorge puts it best: “hijole dude, dass alotta brown babies, know what i’m sayin’? es bueno tener esta “presencia” en los EE UU, pero now we gotta make it work for us in a healthy, constructive manner. de k jodidos nos sirve ser tantos si solamente servimos para estar de “servicio” para otros y no recibir beneficio para uno mismo? hopefully we’ll make the numbers benefit us and all our bros and sisters.”

A lot of people are putting Latino Census info out there, Univision’s analysis was the most reader-friendly and lays it out well:

Hispanics are fueling growth in California, one of the most populous states in the country, according to the latest 2010 U.S. Census figures. According to the statistics:

o Minorities contributed all of the growth in California with Hispanics accounting for 71 percent of the minority growth in the state.
o More than 14 million Hispanics reside in California.
o 38 percent of California state residents are of Hispanic origin.
o The Hispanic population in California grew 28 percent in the last decade.
o 77 percent of the Hispanic growth in the state was among Adults 18 plus, while 23 percent was among those under 18.

“The new Census figures just released for California show double-digit growth in the Hispanic population in the state and mirrors the growth pattern we are seeing across the U.S.,” said Elizabeth Ellers, executive vice president, Corporate Research, Univision Communications Inc.

Based on an aggregation of the 27 states releases thus far by the Census bureau:

o Hispanic population growth is exceeding the most recent Census estimates by more than four percent.
o Approximately 34.7 million Hispanics in the 27 states released as of 3-8-11.
o Hispanics contributed 59 percent of the overall population growth in those states.
o In the last decade, the Hispanic population in these states grew by 41 percent.
o According to the 2010 Census results, the Hispanic population is less concentrated than 10 years ago. In 2000, 72 percent of the Hispanic population residing in the 27 states released by Census resided in California or Texas. In the 2010 Census, 68% of Hispanics reside either in Texas or California

Latinos are here to stay and it is up to US to make these numbers work for us … if we do not use our intelligence, talent, and work ethic to our benefit, SOMEONE else will!


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