First Week Recap Report

As you may know, I am now completing my first week working in the always vibrant, always colorful, very Latino Fruitvale District of Oakland. Once I’m done with training, etc., this will be a fun gig for me. Just wanted to review my first week of funny incidents … first week of ‘tarrugadas, pendejadas, and Carmen Moments’ all in the spirit of keeping things lively … LOL!

Monday: I’m approached by three individuals who, at different times, ask if I am Asian and wow – they are amazed that I can speak Spanish!

Tuesday: I am again asked ‘what are you?’ by one of the new assistants here … she, too, thought that I was Asian. I’m thinking it’s time to learn a new language, don’t you?

Wednesday: Locked myself out of my own oficina.

Thursday: While checking out a job fair yesterday, noticed that my sweater was on inside out … I had a jacket so I don’t think anyone else noticed … either that, or they no longer check me out…LOL

Friday: As I was driving into the parking lot with my new remote to open the gate, I find a parking spot near the gate, turn into the gate and proceed to knock the gate off of its track. Walked into my oficina toda avergonzada LOL!

Some might take these as signs that I’m ‘salada’ or have bad luck or something 🙂 I tend to see these types of things as proof that I’m as excited, engaged, and motivated as ever in the big picture of my life and that these kinds of things serve to make me smile when things go wild … I did smile and laugh about everything EXCEPT the car incident as it’s still too new … tomorrow, I’ll be able to laugh at my ‘tarrugada’ … that, and I will never attempt to park in THAT space again!!!


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