My 30-Day Music Challenge, Week 1

On Facebook, a bunch of us have decided to do a 30-Day Music Challenge … where you would have a list of 30 questions and, each day, you answer the question choose a song to go with it…you know I love music and it’s so much fun to actually think about why I like this song or that song…so I decided to put my choices on the blog…now you don’t have to agree with my choices 🙂 and maybe you’ll decide to come up with your own choices … love musica! Here is Week 1 of the challenge:

YOUR FAVORITE SONG … I have sooo many favorite songs but ‘La Barca’ always seems to be right up there at the top! One of most beautiful trio songs ever and Luis Miguel nails this song every time!

YOUR LEAST FAVORITE SONG … “I Like It” Enrique Iglesias…while I have to give it to him that he has been having great success lately, pobrecito Enrique that song gets old after 5 minutes … my CC will tell you how I react every time I hear that song LOL!

A SONG THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY…”Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing” Stevie Wonder … the first time I heard that Latino sound to the song I was hooked and it is impossible to be sad or angry when I hear that song!

A SONG THAT MAKES YOU SAD…”En Ausencia De Ti” Laura Pausini … a song about someone who is no longer around…there was a time when I couldn’t even listen to this song without going “aaaay” and cry my eyes out because a certain guy said ‘ya estuvo’ and moved on without me! Now I can listen to it and totally appreciate that it is one awesome song!

A SONG THAT REMINDS YOU OF SOMEONE “Za Za Za” a Samuelaguilar special if I ever heard one! Whenever I hear this song, I think of Samuel’s awesome ‘Concurso de Las Mascaras” — he has this amazing collection of masks and does a serious dance contest to ‘Za Za Za’ where people wear the masks …always hilarious and always a hit with crowds!


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