A Child’s Smile

We all have crazy, stressful days and the one thing that can instantly make things better for me is to appreciate the simple joy that children bring into the world. When they laugh, they laugh with their entire little bodies, when they cry, igual. My oficina is also next door to the HeadStart so when I open my windows, which I always do, I can hear the little ones running and playing or learning their numbers and colors — too cute as it is often ‘uno’, ‘dos’, ‘tres’…as our HeadStart bebitos are, for the most part, Latino.

I also LOVE to receive these types of fotos of my godchildren, like this one of our little Yasmin AKA Yazi! Children are the true joy of the Torres fam and while we may not shower them with gifts, we shower them with love! Yazi, being our littlest bebita, can usually be heard running, skipping, singing, and screaming through the house con todo y juguetes — THAT’S how children should be — carefree! When they get to be my age, then they can have stressful days! Thanks CC for sending joy my way today!


2 thoughts on “A Child’s Smile

  1. she is so cute. I had a crazy day n i came home n she yelled cc! N hugd me n kids make everything better lol so i sent it to u wen she was jumpn on my bed laughn cus u used to let us jump on ur bed

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