One Month to the Finish Line!

Earlier tonight I had a piercing earache … made me angry because it took away from much-needed study time and I do a lot of my homework on headphones so ‘ouch’! … as you know, I’m in my last semester in the SFSU Spanish/English Interpretation Program and our interpreting assignments are like so insane in quantity and difficulty – for me at least. I am taking Simultaneous Interpretation – where you interpret as someone is speaking … I’ve also completed coursework in Sight Translation (where you have a few minutes to scan a document, usually legal, and you’ve got to translate/interpret it); and Consecutive Interpretation – where you interpret something directly after someone has spoken.

I can honestly say that neither of the classes were ever easy for me, I’m humbled every time but what saves me is my ‘aventada-ness’ – I’ll try anything even if I totally mess it up (which has happened) and I can only think that thinking on my feet will serve me well. Learning how to interpret from/into another language is not easy; people think (as I did) that ‘I’m bilingual, I can so do this’…NOT. It is like learning a whole other language, like learning how to play a very complex piece of music, like building something from nothing. MIS RESPETOS to those who are working as interpreters … interpreting in a court room can be compared to running an exhausting race — an exhausting mental race. I have lost count of the times that I’d be in class or come out of class with a headache LOL!

I’ve always been known for my work in radio and it will always be my industry … I just wanted to be able to do something completely out of my comfort zone, something that I thought I might not be able to do, something that could eventually make a difference for me and others. Also more important, I wanted to stick with a project and finish it.

So here I sit, excited that I have been able to get out of my comfort zone, working toward a new goal and STILL unsure if I will pass the class because you are only as good as your last interpretation (and my last one did not feel like I aced it), and know that, once I’m certified, I’ll be able to make a difference for that raza who deserves to understand what is happening to them, and I’ll have some satisfaction that I made it through this very intense program with my sense of humor well intact 🙂 with new friends, and with a much expanded vocabulary in both English and Spanish, and, hopefully, I’ll be able to significantly increase my salary as well 🙂

So I’m down to about 29 more days until I finish the program … countdown is on … but before I can even think about what life will be after I finish the program, I’ve got to start working on my homework NOW para no quedar en verguenza manana en clase so that I don’t completely embarass myself tomorrow in class!


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