To Slang or Not to Slang

Last Saturday, while studying, Yesenia and I got a serious laugh attack about some of the crazy slang things we hear in our Simulataneous Interpretation class! While we all do try and keep our vocabulary professional and sounding the way it should be as we interpret, the assignments roll by so fast in English in the headphones on our ears, that when we are trying to interpret into Spanish, some fuuuuuuny things come out of our mouths!

The one that had us laughing was someone’s translation of “he shook her around” and instead of saying “la sacudio”, the guy says “y la sangolateo por todos lados”! to which someone else responded, “y ese, de cual rancho salio?” LOL Which made me think further about how much fun it would be to interpret these very legal and proper phrases “a la bravota” all in slang.

You have the right to remain silent … tienes el derecho de callar tu hocico y no decir nada

Do you understand, Mr. Sanchez, that you will go to jail if you return to this court?” … Sr. Sanchez, y ahora entiendes que vas direeeecto al bote si veo tu cara aqui en esta corte?

But I did not take any money, Lucy is lying. Pero no robe ni madres de feria, ‘ta mintiendo la Lucy’

And on and on and on and on…gotta love mi raza and, no doubt, I will have more to add to this list! TWELVE DAYS LEFT to the finish line! 12 Days to my Final Exam! 12 Days to finishing my Sp/Eng Interpretation Program! The Journey Continues…


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