The Last Week of May: GoodBadSadMad week: which one?

As I look back on the major events of my life, I see that the majority of the major heavy-duty events have taken place in the final week of May: Most every job that I have ever held started during the last week of May, a few of job firings or lay-offs also happened during the last week of May, graduation(s) have happened in the last week of May, my mom had her stroke a number of years ago in the last week of May, I have also met many of the important people and mentors of my life during the last week of May.

For a time, I would tend to focus only on the negative events that happened during this time — but then I noticed that a lot of these events were nerve-wracking and exciting: like when I first moved out-of-state – que miedo but it turned out to be so awesome; and to be able to still have my Mom here still con salud quien todavia me da mi reganada if she hasn’t heard from me every other day LOL, the start of a new job, no matter where, is always so much fun too.

So now I’ll await the last week of May with anticipation, not knowing WHAT will happen, only that whether good or bad, it all usually works out in the end, que no?

I have my State Written Interpreter Exam in a few days, yes, during a last week of May, let’s hope that I do PASS so that I can add it to list my wild events that always happen during the last week of May! There are still a few more days of May, let’s see what happens during my good-luck week … Mi semana de la Buena Suerte!


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