Life Goal Round One DONE!

Still on a high from Friday’s events…it was a beautiful, windy day in Alameda as I searched for the Prometric Testing Location. Driving across the 880 Freeway from the very Latino area of Fruitvale into cool Alameda was like night and day. I remember thinking to myself, “if I don’t move to another location in Pleasanton, I’m moving here!”

I had been in a very stressed state only a few minutes before, called my Mom in tears, that I hadn’t studied enough, that my job has kicked in 100% and I was too slammed conducting training presentations to be able to study, and on and on and on. Once again, my sense of calm, “aventadaness”, and the “mevalemadre” attitude filtered thru my mind and body and, by the time I found the testing location, I was like “let’s DO this!” A good sign was that I found a parking meter with time left on it!

The test was about 138 questions of synonyms, antonyms, slang terms, legal terms, courtroom terms, and interpreter do/don’ts questions. I finished in about an hour and got up to go drink water, just to make sure that I wasn’t like rushing thru the thing. I reviewed the test to make sure that I had indeed filled everything out, and went to check out and get my score. I was very happy to see that I had passed with a 96% score!

Being that I’ve been studying at SFSU for the past three years, everyone always seemed to discount the written portion of the exam, that it was ‘facilisimo’, ‘requetefacil’, ‘too easy’…but I knew better — I had taken the State Written Exam in 2005 and missed it by 10 points and it was because I thought it would be very easy, that’s what I get “por confiada”. So I decided that it was a very BIG deal to pass the written exam and to do it at 90% or more was very cool. It showed me that I had learned a lot since the last time I took the exam and that I was entering into the process with a quiet type of confidence.

I will need all of the confidence that I can get as I prepare for the next round — the Oral Exam which is composed of three components, Sight Translation – where you are given a legal document, 30 seconds to scan said document, and then translate it to the test committee. #2 is the Consecutive Interpretation component: I will be likely be listening to a testimony: where there is an attorney questioning a witness. I will need to interpret what the attorney says to the witness; and vice-versa. This also includes any shouts of ‘objection!’, etc, and judges’ remarks. I am most confident about this portion as I did very well and got A’s in my Consecutive coursework. The final component is the Simultaneous Interpretation, I believe that it will be between 7 and 9 minutes of a passage that we must interpret simultaneously. Being that I just finished the Simultaneous coursework and had to work for every point that I got and it was never easy…how many ways can you say ‘aaaaay!’

Whether I pass or not, today I am celebrating the start and, most important, the finish of a life goal that I made to myself a few years ago: To create an alternate career path for myself when the radio industry began to get more and more volatile. My life is radio/media/events and I can never say that I am out of radio for good, it’s so much a part of me that I know that I’m not done there yet. Now I don’t have to feel so desperate, so lost, so sad again when something comes to an end…I am now able to enjoy a new beginning and to see where this new knowledge and experience will lead me.

I feel very empowered today. I don’t know where my road will lead me but I feel hopeful for my future!


4 thoughts on “Life Goal Round One DONE!

  1. Carmen, again, I am so happy for you! I have passed both consecutive 1 and 2, but that darn Sight! I need to work some more on that. Eric is so sweet, he said I am improving and that when my lawsuit is behind me I will have so much room in my head for interpreting. He told me to keep going. He had no idea about my situation with the lawsuit for the last 2 years. Nina told him about it.

    I am going to study with Uba this summer to get ready for simultaneous 1. We will help each other through this next phase.

    When can we get together? I want to take you to one of my favorite Peruvian restaurants to celebrate and catch up. Call me. 415-412-7823.

  2. Carmen,

    I’m so very excited and proud of you for taking these steps toward a possible new career path! It’s great that you are taking charge of your life and future instead of waiting for life to dictate your path. I’ve been thinking that I should do the same as well.

    Remember, YOU can do ANYTHING you put your mind to! I’ve seen it! Always keep the faith in yourself!

    Miss you!

  3. YOU make Latina women proud, especially this one.
    We need many more role models like you. PROUD, PROUD, PROUD.

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