Finding Lost Things & Remembering Ese Amor Imposible

I had been clearing things out and doing some major spring cleaning during the past week and found ALL kinds of things that I had ‘lost’. One of the things that I found was an old CD by Luis Enrique and when I put it on in the car this morning, it was all about “aaaaaaay!” It took me back, way back, to a man I refer to as my ‘Amor Imposible’.

Ever have a ‘love’ like that? One that, por mas que quieras, just doesn’t work out, the timing is off, but that you know that there is a definite attraction there? I remember that I had no fear, no shame, I would tell him all kinds of crazy stuff, nothing disrespectful or x-rated mind you and just when I would think, “I’ve probably scared him off” there he would be looking fine as ever asking me to dance LOL! The craziest thing that I did where he was concerned is that I was at an event with someone else, and saw him — don’t you know I literally jumped over a table to get to him! Don’t think his date liked it, I know mine was mad the entire night ni modo ya que!

I remember when I would hear this song, it would stop my heart because it rang so true for me — especially when it was evident that things would never work out — and I couldn’t really help the situation any as I was thousands of miles away. Many tear-filled nights driving in my car, sitting at home, thinking about what could have been were what would happen when I would hear this song. My poor sisters had to hear me go on and on and on and on …

Now, years later, I can honestly say that I’m over Mr. Amor Imposible but, when I put this CD on this morning in the car, I almost had to pull over because it took me back to my heartbreak so many hours, days, weeks, and years ago. Only my familia and a few of you KNOW the true identity of Mr. Amor Imposible — I don’t want to put his name out there in cyberspace but, trust me, he did exist and, even though he’s older now, Dios de Mi Vida, no se le quita lo buenote, the man is still gorgeous LOL.

I think that everyone has an ‘Amor Imposible’ is their heart somewhere, whether they admit or not. Someone who is ‘perfect’ for them, BUT…fill in your favorite reason here. It’s important to me to remember everyone who has crossed my path in a significant way and Mr. Amor Imposible was one of those people … there were a lot of fun times so I usually think of him with a smile — that, and one big suspiro (sigh)!