Sacada de Onda and How to Get Back to Normal

The windows of my Jeep were smashed in over the weekend. Just the thought of someone going thru my things makes me sick and the thinking, thinking, thinking, about WHAT was taken drives me a little crazy as well.

What was taken? My ‘everyday’ case, a black computer case which was perfect for me to throw everything into for meetings, to go on BART, for school, etc. The car charger for my blackberry, one black shoe (go figure that out.)

What was IN my little black case? My Datebook (aaay, I’m going crazy) and my Journal — the thought of my journal in the hands of someone else is what is really making my crazy right now … most of the thoughts are, of course, NOT for public consumption, and many of the entries were ideas for my blog novela that I was hoping to put together once my classes were over.

The only thing that I can think of is to keep on keeping on, going about my day, try not to check my car every second, start over, start over, start over, start over, start over …

Friday I was livid … Saturday I was mad … Sunday I was exasperated…Monday I was sad … Today I’m sad…maybe tomorrow will bring me to acceptance! On the positive note, neither I nor anyone in my familia was injured, the car is in good working order, I usually do not leave things of value in the car so I have a lot to be thankful for…

As I told my friend Gustavo today – ‘I am at 30% of my positive energy, maybe tomorrow I’ll be closer to 100%’, to which he very nicely put it, ‘…if this is you at 30%, I can’t wait to watch when you’re at 100%!’ At least SOMEONE got a smile today!

And, of course, Samuelaguilar is always the one to put things in perspective: I have this huge, cumbersome, item that takes up the entire back of the car, seats down y todo, and Samuelaguilar sez, “cuando vieron eso atras del carro, han de haber dicho ‘ya valio madre!’ and left my car alone! LOL! No one can put it out there and make me LAUGH like he can!

Looking forward to a better day…


2 thoughts on “Sacada de Onda and How to Get Back to Normal

  1. Carmen, i just read your e-mail about your car, i know how you feel
    but the sad part is your journal, i know you put alot of effort into all of that writing
    to which i really enjoy all of your blogs. don’t give up, i hope who ever has your journal and reads it, will relize that the damage they did to your car, that person will go through some bad Karma in the days ahead, if not already it has happened to them.
    i love to read about all of you journeys in everyday life. keep me posted O.K.
    i love you my familia sister,

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