My REAL New Year Celebration

As I contemplate on my birthday of this year … which was so fun by the way…I think about goals that I have set for myself…

Lots of people do their New Year’s Resolutions in January of each year — I confess that I do as well. However, increasingly, I’ve found that a more significant benchmark for me has been July 16 of each year. I usually conduct a ‘tune-up’ of my body and my life around that time. Any yearly medical or dental check-ups usually occur around my birthday, I usually see the eye doctor as well. Haven’t done any of that as my insurance has yet to kick in, but trust me, these will be handled by the end of July.

Another important thing that has worked for me is to try to get negative energy out of my life, individuals who sap my positive energy or who take more than they give, basically, it kind of turns into an ‘it’s all about me attitude’.

At first, I used to think ‘how egotistical? how can you not care about others?’ What I’ve learned is that, I can, and do, care a lot about others, but that I have also needed to put MYSELF on that list as well. It always seems that within 6 months of making a resolution to lose weight, to work less, to work more, etc., that LIFE gets in the way, and having my 2nd New Year always helps keep me more on track!

Looked back and saw what my goals were last July at this very time:
1. Connect more with my familia
2. Start looking for a more challenging job
3. Finish school
4. Live healthier and try to lose some weight

Items 1-3 were done and Item 4 is in process … 3 out of 4 … not bad!

Goals for July 16, 2012?

1. Be healthier
2. Continue hanging with the fam and friends
3. Be working as a freelance Interpreter, o sea, cuando a mi me de la gana! I want to work as much or as little as I want!
4. To manage between 3 and 6 special events per year
5. Continue writing and get something published
6. Relieving myself of negative people and situations

How are YOU doing on your 2011 Resolutions?


2 thoughts on “My REAL New Year Celebration

  1. Hey, Carmen!!
    LOVE your resolutions!!!! Kinda want to copy and paste to my life!!!
    So proud of you and wish you the very best in achieving the new goals – Yo se que puedes!

    In admiration!

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