A New Sign of Good Luck … or just another one of one my tonterias…

I had a stressful week, there were a lot of decisions to make this week, a lot of things that I had to resolve for my immediate future…usually I try to go out and walk off the stress to think…so I changed my clothes into my usual comfortable clothes: black running pants, green t-shirt, and black hooded light jacket.

Once I get into these clothes, it’s almost like I have on pajamas on, I’m too comfortable. So as I drive to my favorite park, I decide to stop at a gas station to fuel up the car, decide to go inside to pay this time, and then decide that I have to go to the bathroom. When I looked down at my pants, I saw something unusual, something white…chiiiiiin! it was a tag and my pants were INSIDE OUT!

After I completely freaked out thinking, ‘omg! WHO saw me like this? WHAT was I thinking? HOW could I have done this? I then started to laugh and not just a little laugh but L A U G H I N G all by myself in the bathroom of the gasolinera! At one point, I looked up in the mirror and saw lagrimas negras/black tears … my laughter actually made me cry so now my makeup all running down my face!

So, of course, you know me, I can never keep my pendejadas to myself, I immediately posted onto my Facebook page and called my familia to basically announce that ‘I’m not all that’ 🙂 When I told Samuelaguilar, he then proceeds to tell me, ‘hey that’s a good sign — did you know that this means that you’re gonna have good luck?’ leave it to mexicanos to come up with something this cool…

So then MAYBE it was a GOOD thing that I dressed myself backwards … it was a good thing that I had a good laugh … it was a good thing that this crazy, stressful day ended in a funny way … looking forward to having that good luck kick in anytime now!