A Bump In My Road … and getting over myself!

While I did NOT pass Round II of the State Interpreter Exam this time around, I came very very close to passing and I may struggle for a minute to eventually accept that it was not my time to achieve this goal. I cannot lie – I’ve spent the better part of last night and this morning sad and in tears.

I also do not feel embarrassed that I did not pass the exam: this coursework was the hardest thing I ever attempted in my life, and now I have a SFSU diploma and a 96 score on Part I of the exam que a mi nadie me puede quitar … to pass Part II of the Exam, you had to have a score of 70 on all 4 parts — can you imagine how crazy my Type A personality went when I saw scores of 69, 68, and 64? I was very close to passing and I was shocked that I did better on the Sight Translation than the others since when I took the Sight course – it was extremely hard for me.

Know that while I’m feeling down, that my inner chingona is still very much alive, therefore, I will overcome my disappointment, pick my tirada self off of the floor, retrieve my huevos from wherever they may be and get my ‘mevalemadre’ attitude back where it belongs so that I can get back to the business of studying to re-take the exam in January!

I especially appreciate all of the emails, calls, texts, and messages on FB! It always helps me to keep these close to me when I’m feeling as I do now – toda madreada y triste – as they really DO help me get my power back! Thought I’d share some of these with you:

–I was advised to keep a cup of my tears so that this cup could be put under a man’s nose to calm him down, chill him out, so that I can get whatever I want from him LOL! Thanks Lisa for that one…

–You go get them, Carmen! La revancha sera muy buena!

–Animo !!!
El año pasado no tenias trabajo o dinero
hoy tienes Salud, y trabajo, gracias a Dios
ahora con mas calma… Intentalo nuevamente.

–To a Lady that has the capacity to overcome and exceed even excellence. I know you may be hurt, and you will prevail. Do what I can’t, live, love and be yourself.

–I have always admired your courage, keep it up.

–GOD knows when its time for things to happen, keep the faith and keep trying. nobody told us it was gonna b that easy, we gotta b strong, and carry on ,and sing a song, and be chingon , and bang a gong , be right or wrong, like cheech and chong…there was more but my brother Mikey got R rated so You can read it on my FB page LOL

First off Cousin – the State Exam does not define the person you are
Secondly, SUCCESS is found on many avenues and WE ALL KNOW that you are a SUCCESSFUL WOMAN.
YOU CAN and HAVE walked down many avenues with PRIDE and SUCCESS. You have the ability to interact with all walks of life (Social, Civic, Educational, Entertainment and Politics). As a result YOU CAN and HAVE walked into many rooms, brought individuals together (from all walks of life) and educated them on how to accomplish one common goal.
Not everyone can do that – NOT EVEN some of those individuals that moved on from Round II – (let’s asked them to walk in your shoes)
Go ahead and trip on it for a minute (only a minute) and like you said “get back to business” and knock them out
Cousin – keep that smile on your face and your head to the sky

One of my all-time favorite sayings is ‘Si me Caigo por pendeja, me levanto por chingona’ (If I fall out of stupidity, I get back up because I’m badass…see? I can still translate! LOL)… be assured that THIS time, I did not ‘fail’ por pendeja and I will get myself together ‘por chingona’ And after all of the good vibes you have sent me (and continue to send me), how could I not try again? Need to maintain ‘Team Nina Carmen’! (as my goddaughters often refer to my life)

Thanks Rosa Y-I in El Paso for sending me this picture … looooove it!


2 thoughts on “A Bump In My Road … and getting over myself!

  1. Carmen, So impressed that you are going through this process. You will succeed because that’s the woman you are. Although you don’t know yet, there is a reason you didn’t pass this round, this time. Only God knows why and has His plan for you. In the grand scheme, this is a small blip. Listen with your heart. Don’t let bad thoughts and karma get you down. Hugs.

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