Magic Blue Tape … Cinta Azul Magica!

In the Radio Marketing Promotions world – we carry around different kinds of tape: duct tape, tape ‘claro’ clear tape, and blue tape. Blue tape is used to place banners on walls so that, when we go to remove a banner from the wall, especially in a nice venue, the paint doesn’t come off with the tape.

Like any Radio Marketing professional, we usually find rolls of tape all over the place: in random boxes, the van, the car, the house, etc.

When I stopped to put in gas on my way to a wedding yesterday, I look down and see that my blouse is todo abierto showing more of my chest than I wanted to…I started looking thru the car and purse for pins or clips or something! Then I see my little work box that includes my tape — and I think, ‘that might work’… First, I lift the duct tape –and then I think to myself, ‘when I take that tape off, half of my breast might go with it!’ LOL, the clear tape usually takes the hair off of my arm when I hang banners so tampoco…and then I see the blue tape and think, ‘maaaaaybe…’ So there I am, in the gasolinera, taping the blouse to strategic areas of my body and it worked! Later on, when I got in from the wedding … I even forgot that I had the tape on until I tried to take the blouse off … and LAUGHED and gave props to la cinta azul magica … the magic blue tape! My taped-up blusa is below…can you tell where the tape is? LOL