Carmen’s Christmas Message to Ya’ll 2011

2011 will forever mark the year that I decided to EMBRACE the Journey instead of fighting it all of the time! I started off the year unemployed and, after thrashing around trying to figure out what to do about it, I decided to put together a proposal, just as I do for events, for what I wanted to see happen for myself in 2011 … after I wrote the awesome proposal called ‘Team Nina Carmen’ (as my goddaughters nieces call my life LOL), wouldn’t you know that, within DAYS, things started to happen for me: 1) Had no money and, as I was ready to tell SFSU that I’d have to take my last class in 2012, my guardian angel sends me an unforgettable email telling me that she wanted to pay my tuition for me so that I could finish school on time. 2) Again, no money, and another friend tells me ‘here is a check, get back on your feet’ and I was able to keep my bills paid for a couple of months. 3) Got THREE job offers.

Once these events took place, with renewed faith and my spirit of ‘aventada-ness’ and my ‘mevalemadre’ attitude back, I decided that, no matter what, I would try to focus on doing the ‘right’ things: spending time with familia and friends, keeping up with my studies, taking better care of my health and trying to make time to have a personal life for the first time in many years. Sure enough, things started happening and are still clicking: Familia is no longer an obligation for me, it is so rewarding and so much fun to hang out with them. Friends: love making time to hang out with my all-time friends, so none of them live in the Bay Area, no worries, it’s like you’re all here! Actually made and am making a lot of new friends and finally have a fun social and personal life – never thought I’d see that happen! I finished up my program at San Francisco State University and have passed Phase I of the State Interpreter Exam (score of 96!), took Phase II of the State Exam and did NOT pass in June; so now it’s ON because I’m studying to re-take this exam on January 12th. Work has finally moved out of first place in my life and I continue to remain stunned that, yes, I am now having a life!

Of all of the events that took place for me in 2011, the most important one, by far, took place on 11/11/11 with the 50th Anniversary Gala for Mike & Margaret Torres … it’s been over a month now since the event took place and we are still on a high! To be able to have both my parents present to honor them in person is priceless and it was so much fun to work on an event with my brothers and sisters! I’ve said it many times, I’m so proud and honored to be Mike & Margaret’s daughter.

Also celebrated: Tio Fred & Tia Chayo’s 50th, Nino Juan & Nina Rita’s 50th, Ita’s 70th Birthday, The Fabulous Mananitas Birthday Week in July for all of the Ranch Moms, SFSU Final Party at Uba’s, my papito Stephen’s new adventure at SFSU

Praying for: Cousin Markie Prieto RIP, Amanda as she recuperates, Maria G & Fam and the memory of her Aunt Coyo, the continued health of my parents and our old school, that my ‘kids’ godchildren nieces nephews continue to make things happen for themselves in the coming year!

Looking forward to: Mike Torres Band NYE 2011, Focusing more on my writing, Passing Phase II of the State Interpreter Exam, Keeping healthy and keeping up with walking and maybe trying running, emphasis on maybe; working to live and not living to work…

My favorite Quotes for 2011:

1. Some succeed because they are destined to; I will succeed because I am determined to.
2. The 3 C’s in Life: You must make the CHOICE, to take the CHANCE, if you want anything in life to CHANGE.
3. Caerse es permitido…Levantarse es obligatorio!
4. The way to get what you want, is to be GRATEFUL for what you have!
5. My all-time favorite remains: Si me caigo por pendeja, me levanto por chingona!

Feliz Navidad y Prospero 2012!