Ya Mero! My Adventure taking the State Interpreter Exam

This pic was taken a few minutes ago (5:15pm) as I was walking to my car from the Embassy Suites in Walnut Creek after taking my State Interpreter Oral Exam…the exact place where I decided to change my clothes in the car as I thought that I was dressed too casually and wanted to walk my talk LOL  Now I’m sitting here in Starbucks in Pleasant Hill where my car automatically drove to LOL because I just had to write about this!

You cannot know how AWESOME it feels to write and blast music that I love in my headphones instead of having to listening to and going thru all of these drills!

Test started off with the Sight Translation portion of the exam — I think that I did ‘ok’ — the Spanish to English one kicked my butt I think and I pray that I made it happen … for those of you who know how these tests go:  the buzzer came on JUST as I was finishing the last line!  Whew!

Second part of the test was the Consecutive part — and colegas you know that this is the one that I always felt the most confident about:  I got the one about the security guy who was investigating a guy who didn’t want to leave his girlfriend’s apartment … on that one, I was able to keep up with the pace and made it in time and you better know that I loved being able to translate some cuss words LOL  – and yes, I did ask for 2 repetitions on the 2 huge long passages…

Last part was the Simultaneous and I really hope I made it there — Me encomende a Dios and decided to freaking go for it —  I felt like I did ok and I felt like this is where the Inner Chingona had the most work to do  — I felt like I was fighting for every point and classmates:  you know how I get when I work it!   I had the Opening Argument about the guy that went in and stabbed the chicks in the salon de belleza/beauty salon.

Main thing for me was to actually get myself back up and keep moving forward … it was very humbling and I was devastated to not pass the first time I took the State Oral Exam in June … this time, I knew how the test would be administered so I was able to enter into it much more centered and calmer.   I studied a few hours each day and in the car those malditas CDs were going non-stop.

It is very important for me to become a woman of my word and to do the right thing — part of doing the right thing is to keep on keeping on, trying again, and working through any disappointments, sad days, and turning negative situations into positive ones — today was significant because I came through for myself!  Let’s hope that I’m able to see the goal all the way through and, that on March 31st, I’m able to say that I passed!  Also, very relieved not to have to carry around the montonal de libros y CDs de tarea everywhere I go!  However, books and tapes will stay in my car until I hear the results:  that way, if I don’t pass, I don’t have to go and dig them out of storage again LOL

For my SFSU peeps:  When I got to the exam earlier today, I heard a male voice arguing a todo volumen with the test takers … we ALL know this person and I ran in to check in and told them that I would wait somewhere else to take the exam … when this person came up to me to try to get me all up into his drama, I actually had to tell him to ‘irse mucho a la …’  when he became frustrated with me when I would not engage — I just wanted to meditate and get myself mentally ready … email me if you wanna know who homeboy was …

Happy and relieved that it’s over…for now!


Two Days to the Finish Line … and “Soy Chingona”

I re-take the State Interpreter Oral Exam in a couple of days…Thu Jan 12th at 4pm … the countdown is ON…

As I sit here in Pleasanton Starbucks trying to concentrate and get my study on, I am getting more and more distracted  LOL!    I decided that I needed to get the heck out of Oakland/SF because there are too many distractions (ya sabes quien eres LOL) yet here I sit … half studying and all entrada texting and emailing…

Part of me has halfway decided to NOT de-stress myself to the point of exhaustion and the other part of me KNOWS that there is no way that I will make it thru the exam without practicing and feeling comfortable with the massive amounts of vocabulary since WHO KNOWS what the test will be about this time around?…remember:  this is the second time that I am taking this exam so I kind of know what to expect and I also remember how I felt when I received that rejection letter on September 30th — todo llorando and full of drama!

I joke around that this go-around is completely about ‘orgullo’ my pride — so I’ve GOT to pass the exam and should I not pass, I would love to be closer to passing than I was the first time around LOL

But there are two words that I will NEED to keep telling myself from now thru Thursday…these are the words that my Advanced Interpreting Instructor told me would help me get thru the exam the first time around…SOY   CHINGONA!!

So after I post this blog entry, I will do the following:  turn the phone ringer off and will only answer MOM’s call reminding me to go home, turn off the MUSIC,  log off all email and Facebook, and tell these 3 chinitas sitting a table away from me to keep their desmadre in check and keep the noise down LOL!

Looking forward to doing well on Thursday and to receiving good news on March 31st telling me that I passed…really want to complete this life goal so that I’m able to confidently say that ‘Yo Soy Chingona’!  The pic below was from my blog entry when I did NOT pass the Oral Exam last time around…this is a great pic to motivate me for the next couple of days!!! Send good vibes my way!

What?! I’m a Panaderia? Crazy Things My Comadre Sez….

My Comadre — Maria  — and I have been friends for many years…she has her own personal take on life, often unique, always hilarious! Here Comadre is telling me about how I have to treat myself and my life as if it were a PANADERIA (Bakery)…that I have to know that there are different shapes, flavors, and sizes of pan (bread) which, as you will see, are compared to people LOL

One of the best-tasting pieces of pan are the ‘puerquitos’ pigs — which taste awesome but, like too much of a good thing,  are often not that good for you — and many men, not all, fall into this category … so, of course, she tells me that it’s important for me to watch out for the puerquitos/pigs and to try out other types of pan dulce from time to time…LOL

Las ‘conchas’ are the exact opposite of the puercos — the soft, puffy, delicate, conchas almost melt in your mouth, they are sweet but not too sweet, with the hard, crumbly topping and taste good, with or without cafe or leche but you better know that you will get crumbs all over yourself if you’re not careful. So conchas are like women since we can be awesome yet complicated and sometimes a mess…

I was also told that I would also find ‘bigotes’, ‘ojos de buey’, ‘patas de mula’, ‘elotes’, ‘polvorones’, ‘cocodrilos’, ‘pan de muerto’and more…all types of pan dulce which can form part of one’s world … that I shouldn’t be all attached to just the puerquitos, that maybe one of the aforementioned pieces of pan dulce could make my life rather interesting…first I need to know what this type of pan looks and tastes like before I decide that I’m a woman who loves her some ‘puercos’ only!

After hearing me go on and on one day about my romantic life (or lack of one)…here’s what my Comadre tells me: ‘What you need to do is close down that Panaderia for a few days girl…and don’t be giving up conchas for any puercos until you figure out if you wanna go there para que se les quite!’   Whaaaat?!? I will never be able to view pan dulce in quite the same manner ever again…leave it to my Comadre for breaking things down for me as she always does! LOL

Happy 2012 y Mil Gracias!

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for checking out ‘CARMEN’S BLOG’ and ‘LA CADENITA’ during 2011! I always sit back and think as I write, “who would read this? why would they read it? how will they like it?” This hesitation lasts for a split second because, not only do I write for you, I totally write for myself because I “have” to! Some days or nights, I may be tired or grouchy or really busy, and then the inspiration hits, the words pour out of me and there I go – typing about as fast as I think and talk — ya’ll know how FAST that is!

Things that inspire me? Familia, cultura, radio, Famfriends, musica, books, and finding the fun in life. Not only has this blog allowed me to immerse myself (and you) in the things that interest me … it has also helped me tremendously to set and try to fulfill my personal and professional goals – I’m always floored when I look back thru past blog entries to find that, yes, I have completed another goal.

I actually got a report about my blog page and LOOOVE it that quite a few of you find my page fun … so now I start 2012 with a new set of goals, a bunch of new events to talk about in the familia, famfriends to celebrate, always new things to talk about in radio and cultura, and bringing you more chisme chapters of ‘La Cadenita’!

But FIRST, I must get myself in gear as I take the State Interpreter Oral Exam on January 12th at 4pm. I didn’t pass it the first time so it is ON to do my very best so that, by March 31st, when I receive my results letter, it will say “Congratulations!” Hope your 2012 brings you more good days than bad and thanks very much for taking time out of your life to let me in – even for a minute! Feliz 2012!