Happy 2012 y Mil Gracias!

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for checking out ‘CARMEN’S BLOG’ and ‘LA CADENITA’ during 2011! I always sit back and think as I write, “who would read this? why would they read it? how will they like it?” This hesitation lasts for a split second because, not only do I write for you, I totally write for myself because I “have” to! Some days or nights, I may be tired or grouchy or really busy, and then the inspiration hits, the words pour out of me and there I go – typing about as fast as I think and talk — ya’ll know how FAST that is!

Things that inspire me? Familia, cultura, radio, Famfriends, musica, books, and finding the fun in life. Not only has this blog allowed me to immerse myself (and you) in the things that interest me … it has also helped me tremendously to set and try to fulfill my personal and professional goals – I’m always floored when I look back thru past blog entries to find that, yes, I have completed another goal.

I actually got a report about my blog page and LOOOVE it that quite a few of you find my page fun … so now I start 2012 with a new set of goals, a bunch of new events to talk about in the familia, famfriends to celebrate, always new things to talk about in radio and cultura, and bringing you more chisme chapters of ‘La Cadenita’!

But FIRST, I must get myself in gear as I take the State Interpreter Oral Exam on January 12th at 4pm. I didn’t pass it the first time so it is ON to do my very best so that, by March 31st, when I receive my results letter, it will say “Congratulations!” Hope your 2012 brings you more good days than bad and thanks very much for taking time out of your life to let me in – even for a minute! Feliz 2012!


3 thoughts on “Happy 2012 y Mil Gracias!

  1. Mil gracias Carmen por tus buenos deseos!!!!! Mil gracias por ser parte de mi vida, te quiero mucho y de igual manera FELIZ AÑO NUEVO para ti y toda tu hermosa familia, ke este año ke comienza venga vardado de mucho amor, salud, exitos y todas las cosas lindas ke te mereces jeje x ser una luchadora incansable!!!!! Un abrazo y muchos besos.

  2. Carmen-

    “Happy New Year!” 2012 is going to be great! Your insight, humor, wisdom and energy is not only inspiring but also thought provoking! 😉 So Thank you for sharing!!!!!!
    Start looking for employers YOU will need to interview once the 31st of March rolls around and you receive your results from the State! Your persistance and determination along with a mindset of where YOU want to work will put align you with where we all know your headed, success!
    But before you move on to becoming la mera chingona. Can you translate/interpret this for me? Lol
    ” Guey, tu novia me hablo! Quiere salir conmigo”
    “No manches cabron pelon!”

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