What?! I’m a Panaderia? Crazy Things My Comadre Sez….

My Comadre — Maria  — and I have been friends for many years…she has her own personal take on life, often unique, always hilarious! Here Comadre is telling me about how I have to treat myself and my life as if it were a PANADERIA (Bakery)…that I have to know that there are different shapes, flavors, and sizes of pan (bread) which, as you will see, are compared to people LOL

One of the best-tasting pieces of pan are the ‘puerquitos’ pigs — which taste awesome but, like too much of a good thing,  are often not that good for you — and many men, not all, fall into this category … so, of course, she tells me that it’s important for me to watch out for the puerquitos/pigs and to try out other types of pan dulce from time to time…LOL

Las ‘conchas’ are the exact opposite of the puercos — the soft, puffy, delicate, conchas almost melt in your mouth, they are sweet but not too sweet, with the hard, crumbly topping and taste good, with or without cafe or leche but you better know that you will get crumbs all over yourself if you’re not careful. So conchas are like women since we can be awesome yet complicated and sometimes a mess…

I was also told that I would also find ‘bigotes’, ‘ojos de buey’, ‘patas de mula’, ‘elotes’, ‘polvorones’, ‘cocodrilos’, ‘pan de muerto’and more…all types of pan dulce which can form part of one’s world … that I shouldn’t be all attached to just the puerquitos, that maybe one of the aforementioned pieces of pan dulce could make my life rather interesting…first I need to know what this type of pan looks and tastes like before I decide that I’m a woman who loves her some ‘puercos’ only!

After hearing me go on and on one day about my romantic life (or lack of one)…here’s what my Comadre tells me: ‘What you need to do is close down that Panaderia for a few days girl…and don’t be giving up conchas for any puercos until you figure out if you wanna go there para que se les quite!’   Whaaaat?!? I will never be able to view pan dulce in quite the same manner ever again…leave it to my Comadre for breaking things down for me as she always does! LOL


2 thoughts on “What?! I’m a Panaderia? Crazy Things My Comadre Sez….

  1. Comentario from the one and the only Mary Arce:

    Comadre; I love it! Remember be selective when picking a puercito. When you do find one feed them a little at a time. Ilove U, Your very special, and you have alot of brown sugar cinnamon to share. Love your, Comadre Mary.

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