Two Days to the Finish Line … and “Soy Chingona”

I re-take the State Interpreter Oral Exam in a couple of days…Thu Jan 12th at 4pm … the countdown is ON…

As I sit here in Pleasanton Starbucks trying to concentrate and get my study on, I am getting more and more distracted  LOL!    I decided that I needed to get the heck out of Oakland/SF because there are too many distractions (ya sabes quien eres LOL) yet here I sit … half studying and all entrada texting and emailing…

Part of me has halfway decided to NOT de-stress myself to the point of exhaustion and the other part of me KNOWS that there is no way that I will make it thru the exam without practicing and feeling comfortable with the massive amounts of vocabulary since WHO KNOWS what the test will be about this time around?…remember:  this is the second time that I am taking this exam so I kind of know what to expect and I also remember how I felt when I received that rejection letter on September 30th — todo llorando and full of drama!

I joke around that this go-around is completely about ‘orgullo’ my pride — so I’ve GOT to pass the exam and should I not pass, I would love to be closer to passing than I was the first time around LOL

But there are two words that I will NEED to keep telling myself from now thru Thursday…these are the words that my Advanced Interpreting Instructor told me would help me get thru the exam the first time around…SOY   CHINGONA!!

So after I post this blog entry, I will do the following:  turn the phone ringer off and will only answer MOM’s call reminding me to go home, turn off the MUSIC,  log off all email and Facebook, and tell these 3 chinitas sitting a table away from me to keep their desmadre in check and keep the noise down LOL!

Looking forward to doing well on Thursday and to receiving good news on March 31st telling me that I passed…really want to complete this life goal so that I’m able to confidently say that ‘Yo Soy Chingona’!  The pic below was from my blog entry when I did NOT pass the Oral Exam last time around…this is a great pic to motivate me for the next couple of days!!! Send good vibes my way!


8 thoughts on “Two Days to the Finish Line … and “Soy Chingona”

  1. Good luck on the exam Carmen, get a good night sleep tonight, have a protein rich breakfast before the exam, try to relax when u enter the testing room, and enjoy the ride! Oh, and tell yourself, ningun cabron va a detener a esta chingona :o)

  2. Comentarios sent from my email: Good luck dude. Try to find a university library. I know; they’re all closed right now. But when I was studying I would study at the local private university (Chapman U) until 2 am every night and pop up at 6am and start studying once again. It’s a miracle what you can do when are under pressure. Carmen, how
    how local law library or law libraries at local universities such as UOP. Law libraries are generally a little more hard core than the regular academic ones. Good luck.


    Kenny G.

  3. From Cousin Ernie via my email address: Cousin Carmen

    “keep your head to the sky” because it’s your “devotion” that will make the day brighter !!!!!!!!!!!!

    KNOCK IT OUT and KICK THE DOOR DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hola carmen, whaduupp gurl? como sigues con los estudios? don’t u love a good challenge? juss know that u, deep down inside, know if ur doen ur part with the process of studying and if u r, the results of the exam will show it. i remember a professor of mine who looked me dead in my eyes when i wuz whinin’ about my stats class and sed, “jorge, ur just gonna have to do it (apply the formulas) over and over again until it sticks!” turns out homie wuz right; some stuff u juss gotta repeat until it becomes part of ur being. to this day, i still use this approach for those tasks or metas k se me hacen dificil. so do yo’ thang hermana and god will do the rest—educacion si!! uhhh, y “k si se puede!” feein’ inspired? hope so!! disfruta de tu dia, 2bro.

  5. Carmen, te mando mucha mucha energia positiva! The chingonas always get the prize! You have done the work, now go get your reward! Let me know que pasa when you are done.

    Wish me luck, I am taking sight and consecutive 2. Third time is the charm, right? LOL LOL LOL.

    Good luck amiga! Que Dios este con tigo y te mantega tranquila.


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