Ya Mero! My Adventure taking the State Interpreter Exam

This pic was taken a few minutes ago (5:15pm) as I was walking to my car from the Embassy Suites in Walnut Creek after taking my State Interpreter Oral Exam…the exact place where I decided to change my clothes in the car as I thought that I was dressed too casually and wanted to walk my talk LOL  Now I’m sitting here in Starbucks in Pleasant Hill where my car automatically drove to LOL because I just had to write about this!

You cannot know how AWESOME it feels to write and blast music that I love in my headphones instead of having to listening to and going thru all of these drills!

Test started off with the Sight Translation portion of the exam — I think that I did ‘ok’ — the Spanish to English one kicked my butt I think and I pray that I made it happen … for those of you who know how these tests go:  the buzzer came on JUST as I was finishing the last line!  Whew!

Second part of the test was the Consecutive part — and colegas you know that this is the one that I always felt the most confident about:  I got the one about the security guy who was investigating a guy who didn’t want to leave his girlfriend’s apartment … on that one, I was able to keep up with the pace and made it in time and you better know that I loved being able to translate some cuss words LOL  – and yes, I did ask for 2 repetitions on the 2 huge long passages…

Last part was the Simultaneous and I really hope I made it there — Me encomende a Dios and decided to freaking go for it —  I felt like I did ok and I felt like this is where the Inner Chingona had the most work to do  — I felt like I was fighting for every point and classmates:  you know how I get when I work it!   I had the Opening Argument about the guy that went in and stabbed the chicks in the salon de belleza/beauty salon.

Main thing for me was to actually get myself back up and keep moving forward … it was very humbling and I was devastated to not pass the first time I took the State Oral Exam in June … this time, I knew how the test would be administered so I was able to enter into it much more centered and calmer.   I studied a few hours each day and in the car those malditas CDs were going non-stop.

It is very important for me to become a woman of my word and to do the right thing — part of doing the right thing is to keep on keeping on, trying again, and working through any disappointments, sad days, and turning negative situations into positive ones — today was significant because I came through for myself!  Let’s hope that I’m able to see the goal all the way through and, that on March 31st, I’m able to say that I passed!  Also, very relieved not to have to carry around the montonal de libros y CDs de tarea everywhere I go!  However, books and tapes will stay in my car until I hear the results:  that way, if I don’t pass, I don’t have to go and dig them out of storage again LOL

For my SFSU peeps:  When I got to the exam earlier today, I heard a male voice arguing a todo volumen with the test takers … we ALL know this person and I ran in to check in and told them that I would wait somewhere else to take the exam … when this person came up to me to try to get me all up into his drama, I actually had to tell him to ‘irse mucho a la …’  when he became frustrated with me when I would not engage — I just wanted to meditate and get myself mentally ready … email me if you wanna know who homeboy was …

Happy and relieved that it’s over…for now!


2 thoughts on “Ya Mero! My Adventure taking the State Interpreter Exam

  1. No te desanimes – el secreto de pasar el mugroso examen es la persistencia. Silvia Invitame a estudiar contigo.

    1. do tell my dear friend ….. DO TELL!
      I can just imagine who that loud person was but I want to make sure. Congratulations and my best wishes for a positive result on your second try. I took the test on Wed. the 11th. I went in half ready thinking that this was just a trial test. You know I am somewhat weak on the consecutive mode, I think I nailed the sight, and o.k. on Simultaneous. It will be a miracle if I get a passing grade. Ahora nos toca esperar hasta Marzo 31, tic toc, tic toc, tic toc

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