Bad Day + Nature = The Great Equalizer

Ever have a day when NOTHING goes right?   A couple of days ago, I had one of those days…I was completely off of my game and did something that I  r-a-r-e-l-y do:  I brought in my personal baggage into the professional world…hurt and angry with certain individuals and mad at the world attitude caused me to completely take it out on an innocent bystander.  Thank God I had the good sense to apologize to this person after which I immediately stepped away and went to walk Lake Merritt in downtown Oakland.

A friend took me to walk Lake Merritt for the first time ever when I was having a bad night and, if you’ve ever walked it, you will know that you have to walk it ALL because it’s huge and once you get halfway thru it, it’s easier to just finish because turning back is about the same distance LOL

What I noticed was that about halfway thru the walk, a good part of my rage was gone, and when I finally got to the car, I knew that my day was going to be better.    I kind of started laughing because it is so true that being out in a beautiful setting near the water and amongst nature almost always does the trick for me…

Love this pic of the full moon over Lake Merritt that I took…try taking advantage of being out and about nature…costs nothing and gives you everything!


One thought on “Bad Day + Nature = The Great Equalizer

  1. Comment sent to my email from famfriend Kenny: Walking is one of the best things in life Carmen. You get to see God’s planet-be it the barrio in the city or some lovely green area-first hand. I walk about 40 minutes a day now and I am losing the gordura and feel a lot better. I even sleep better and I’m an insomiac de a tiro. Kenny G.

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