The Power of the Mop

I arrived to the Ranch yesterday and went looking for “my” mop … you see, I try to mop my parents’ floors every time I go over there … having just recovered from bronchitis, I hadn’t gone in like 2 weeks, so the white floors were a tad jacked up.   I usually start in this hallway and tell everyone, “go to the bathroom now because the floor will be wet!”  and, of course, NEVER fails, someone has to go into the bathroom and, yesterday, it was my Papito David, and being his Nina, OF COURSE, he was allowed to step all over my clean floor! LOL    

But, more than that, the mopping session yesterday felt like I was cleaning away negative vibes, and with every step, things felt very positive.  My parents were both in good spirits yesterday … could it be because the floor was clean and shiny?  I’ll try to convince myself that, yes, it was because of me LOL!   Seriously though, sometimes it’s good to get that mop out and scrub things clean in your life:  both literally and figuratively.




2 thoughts on “The Power of the Mop

  1. Lifted from my email address: Lisa’s comentarios:

    I must say this was the vibe through my home yesterday as I mopped the kitchen and bathroom. Especially as I had just gotten the plumbing cleared up and everything flowing out the correct pipas! Clean floors make a good foundation for clean fresh ideas.

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