Fun Learning from DELMIRA and Las 3 Hermanas!

New friends can walk into your life when you least expect it … Delmira, and ‘Las 3 Hermanas’ Mila, Letty, Elvia and I got together supposedly to talk about writing and blogs … and the conversation turned into sharing of life experiences. Delmira, being a generation ahead of us, shared some fascinating stories about her life and about her take on the world she has lived in. You would think that we would have little in common…not the case!

What was amazing to me (and to all of us I think) was that Delmira was indeed a trailblazer in her way of thinking — she was very much a modern woman back in the day, “luchadora”, there for her familia yet with her sense of self very much present and intact.   I remember telling Delmira that she thought just like I do in 2012 at a time when it was more difficult to be an independent and outspoken woman — as many others were, including my Mom.   Would I have had the ‘huevos’ or should I say ‘ovarios’ to do this in, say, the 50’s or 60’s like when, as Delmira says, tape was put over students’ mouth so that they wouldn’t speak Spanish… Quien sabe…who knows?

I have such an amazing familia and a huge bunch of ‘famfriends’ that it’s easy to think sometimes that I don’t need any more … Loooooove it that these 4 awesome women allowed me to see that the more things change, the more they stay the same.   I’ve always loved being around people and love it that four new ‘famfriends’ exist in my life … bienvenidas amigas!

Next time we get together chicas, I promise to take the good camera so that the pics aren’t so dark!

Love, treasure, and appreciate the members of your ‘old skool’ today …you too may find that the more things change, the more things stay the same…


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