Celebrating SELENA 3.31.2012


It’s hard to believe that it’s been 17 years that Selena left this earth on that fateful day … it’s totally one of those times where you remember exactly where you were when you heard the news…I was still on the air at KCVR in Northern California and on my way into the station when I heard on the car radio that Selena had been shot…my shift started at 11am and, shortly after that, it was confirmed that she had passed away. The rest of the afternoon was completely surreal … my listeners were beyond shocked and saddened. My program director made the decision to just let us open the microphones and let the listeners take over the show … so it was all about playing her music and letting the listeners talk and, many of them were really crying and crying. I kept it together all the way thru my airshift at 4pm. Once I got off of the air, all of the TV sets at the station were set to events unfolding in Corpus Christi and it started to hit me what had happened…I was asked to talk on-air awhile later about Selena and I couldn’t get thru it as I just started crying.

We all know that Selena hit a chord with so many people from throughout the U.S. because she looked like us, talked like us — that is, one of the first to talk in Spanglish before it was cool like many of us did as we were trying to learn proper Spanish! Selena was destined to be a major star … I often wonder if J Lo would even exist had Selena lived! If you ever watch any of her videos on You Tube which are interviews — that’s where you really see how crazy and funny she was … that’s where you can really see the Spanglish come alive that many of us completely embrace and understand!

While I was sad about Selena’s death – I remember that it really affected my sis Christina, who was pretty sad for a long time…another person affected was my godson Stephen and he was little! My guess is that a lot of people could relate to Selena and so when she was gone, it was like a family member or good friend left…sad time. Last time I was in Corpus Christi a couple of years ago, me, Stephen, and Mikey 3 had gone to the cemetery where Selena is buried. As we were driving out of the cemetery, I turned the radio back on, and what song came on the radio at that moment? ‘No Me Queda Mas’ — we just all kind of looked at each other and went ‘whoa!’

The music, of course, will live forever and I remember playing Selena all of the time when I was on-air … even more that I probably should have 🙂 Si Una Vez, Technocumbia, No Me Queda Mas, Ya Vez, Ven Conmigo, Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, Baila Esta Cumba, Que Creias, Como La Flor, Amor Prohibido, Yo Te Amo, Cobarde, I Could Fall In Love, Dreaming of You, Missing My Baby, Donde Quiera Que Estes and so many more!

While everyone loves Selena’s cumbias, I love love love the straight-up Tejano songs…here’s video of “Tus Desprecios/Cobarde”…



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