Y Ahora QUE? Inner Chingona Makes Her Appearance…

You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.  Ending a week where I’ve had to break out every ‘huevo’ in my personal life to make things happen … where I’ve had to, on some days, ‘fake it until I make it’.  I’ve always been such a positive person that I tend to see life under rose-colored glasses and nothing or no one can bring me down.  Good way to make things happen but it’s also important to visit with reality once in a while.    Sometimes the only way I can learn something is to have that huge, sometimes painful, reality slap in my face!    It’s weird, once I sit myself down, cry my eyes out,  and call myself an idiot/pendeja for a few minutes — it’s like my inner chingona FINALLY makes her appearance — because then I start remembering what I’m all about, that I am not the victima, that while I may have not made the smartest decisions in my life, that I am not made to be perfect, I am made to be a normal person who has good days and bad ones.  That ‘si me caigo por pendeja, me levanto por chingona’.

All I can say tonight is…Thank God, Inner Chingona FINALLY showed up…little by little, my power is coming back.   There will still be some ‘tragos amargos’ to drink and I may still scream/shout ‘y ahora QUE?’ in my mind… but I feel it … things are feeling more positive than negative … feeling more hopeful than I have in months!  Something to be said for things ‘desbaratando’ falling apart … we can always learn from it, don’t you think?    Here’s to a better week!


Feliz Cumpleanos DOLORES HUERTA 4.10.2012

Today I celebrate DOLORES HUERTA – one of my all-time heroes, I suppose that I should say ‘heroine’ but homegirl has shown me, time and time again, that she has the huevos to back herself up!  Dolores Huerta definitely walks the talk and was an inspiration to me as I was growing up wanting to make a difference and not knowing how.  Much of what I learned, I learned by watching mujeres like Dolores Huerta.  More poignant to me is that she actually was from Stockton, went to Delta College (like I did) and was a huge community organizer before co-founding United Farm Workers with Cesar Chavez and galvanizing the entire country and the world to support farmworker rights. 

What she has accomplished as, many times, the only woman on that front line, is what inspires me and fuels my desire for justice, the love of working for and with my community, and for trying to do right by people.  Was she perfect?  No.  Did she always do the right thing? No.  Did she always pick herself back up and move forward instead of going backward?  YES!  Is her heart in the right place?  YES!  For me, Dolores Huerta is the best living example of ‘Si Se Puede!’

Cobijas Drying on the Clothesline Al Aire Libre!


One of the ultimate simple pleasures…the smell of clothes dried on the old skool clothesline!  Over the weekend, I was at the Ranch and the day was exactly like today — windy, breezy, sunny, and gorgeous — a PERFECT day to hang laundry on the line!   

My niece was too cute and asked me, “doesn’t Grandma have a dryer?” to which I responded, “no, and she looooves the way the clothes smell when you dry them on the clothesline! Smell the blanket mija…”    As she took in the smell of the blanket freshly dried in nature’s dryer, you KNOW what she did next…”aaaaaah! that smells good!”

Not many places that you keep it real and can hang clothes anymore … love the Ranch!