Cobijas Drying on the Clothesline Al Aire Libre!


One of the ultimate simple pleasures…the smell of clothes dried on the old skool clothesline!  Over the weekend, I was at the Ranch and the day was exactly like today — windy, breezy, sunny, and gorgeous — a PERFECT day to hang laundry on the line!   

My niece was too cute and asked me, “doesn’t Grandma have a dryer?” to which I responded, “no, and she looooves the way the clothes smell when you dry them on the clothesline! Smell the blanket mija…”    As she took in the smell of the blanket freshly dried in nature’s dryer, you KNOW what she did next…”aaaaaah! that smells good!”

Not many places that you keep it real and can hang clothes anymore … love the Ranch!


2 thoughts on “Cobijas Drying on the Clothesline Al Aire Libre!

  1. Comment from my email address from CHRISTIAN:

    Nice. Sometimes what sucks is when the dry to the point of being stiff and irritating likes jeans.

    This would happen more in Mexico. I’d be like Tia, why are my jeans so dry and hard?

  2. I used to have a clothesline. Now you are making me want one again! Nice on a nice day, But it used to rain when I’d put up a whole load! Inevitably, except in summer anyway.

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