Spanish Sunday Nights! Lo Que Pasa Cuando Se Estornuda en Starbucks!


The first of an all-Spanish post.  Trying to expand on my Spanish vocabulary as I prepare to take the State Interpreter Oral Exam for the THIRD time…let me know if I really messed up grammar-wize 🙂  I promised my Tio Freddy that I would try and do this once a week…English translation is also included:

Aquí me encuentro, tratando de buscar de QUE hablar completamente en español! Intentare hacer esto cada domingo por la noche … a ver como me sale…mi Tío Alfredo esta de visita de Texas y ya lleva DIAS diciéndome que debo de practicar el hablar, o mejor dicho, escribir, completamente en español…aquí estoy en Starbucks … y frente de mi…hay una pareja no muy joven pero tampoco vieja…una pareja mexicana entradísima besándose y agarrándose en la mesa frente a la mía. Entre mi, me digo, ‘ni modo, es su negocio de ellos, si quieren andar de calientes aquí frente a todos a su edad, pos que hago?’

Luego, me entra la alergia y comienzo a estornudar, una vez, dos veces, tres veces, y cuatro veces…después de la cuarta vez, el hombre deja de besuquear a su pareja y me dice, ” salud you ” – me imagino que fue una mezcla de “salud” y “bless you”. En cuanto le dije “gracias”, se sonrió y luego vi una mano tocarle fuertemente en el hombro, y luego le vi la cara de la mujer mirándome, toda enojada…y luego con esa misma mano le agarro al hombre y lo saco del Starbucks. FIN.

–English Translation–

Here I am, trying to figure out WHAT I should talk about completely in Spanish!  I will try to do this every Sunday night, let’s see how it goes…my Tio Fred is here visiting from Texas and he has been telling me for DAYS that I should practice talking, or should I say, writing completely in Spanish.    Here I am in Starbucks, and in front of me, there is a couple, not too young but not too old either…a Mexican couple all into kissing and grabbing each other at the table in front of me.   I tell myself, ‘whatever, it’s their business if they want to be all calientes here in front of everyone at their age, what do I do?’

Then, my allergies kick in and I start sneezing, one, two, three, and four times…after the fourth sneeze, the man stops kissing on his woman and tells me, “salud you” —   I would imagine that it was a mixture of ‘bless you’ in English and ‘Salud’ in Spanish.  Once I said ‘gracias’ thanks in Spanish, he smiles at me and then I see a hand grab his shoulder, and then I see the face of his woman glaring at me, all mad..and then with that same hand, she grabs his shoulder and takes him out of Starbucks.  The End.


4 thoughts on “Spanish Sunday Nights! Lo Que Pasa Cuando Se Estornuda en Starbucks!

  1. Hola amiga, miss talking to you, hope all is well and your mom doing better. All reads correct on the translation for “calientes” how about “heated” or “horny”… lol..think heated is more nice way of saying get a freakin room..

  2. Hola’ amiga; I would like to see the syntax on this. Being English only(as you all too well know) unless you count Geek Speak,,this would be good for me. Need a computer fixed come to ne, I need a translation,,I come to you. Smile,,I am now able to smile again. Not often but enough for the moment. A friend I am speaking to says he has a friend down in his neck of the woods that lives off of repairing Macbooks. Ya gotta kno I wanna meet’em.

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