The Comadre Chronicles: FunnyStupid Stuff

When driving with ANGIE one of my all-time best comadre-friends, we LAUGHED when she wondered why the windshield wipers weren’t really clearing the windows from the rain;  turned out that the windshield wipers still had the plastic covering on them … made me think about some of the very funnystupidstuff moments with my roommates and close comadre friends…


We were in our apartment in Sac and one of my roommates is scrubbing the kitchen floor…trying her hardest to scrub a stain off of the floor…turns out the stain was a SHADOW…do we still laugh about this one to this day?  Y si…


Again at our apartment in Sac, and our MEChA Club had decided to hold a fundraiser where ‘Tacos de Cabeza’ would be sold … now Carmen was NOT going to go to the cabeza(brains) preparation as the thought made me sick — I was going to stay home and cook beans.   I’m in the kitchen and my Comadre is in the bedroom, I hear a sound that I thought was her ride, so I tell her that her ride is outside.  She’s all rushing around and putting her pants on and running at the same time…girl TRIPS right in front of the door.  I was torn between laughing at seeing her on the ground and trying to figure out how to tell her that, no, her ride had not come after all.

AEROBICS Comadre-Style

We had all decided that we wanted to lose weight and decided to take an exercise class at Sac City College — part of the exercise included an aerobics session.  My Comadre is an awesome dancer and was in one of the front lines.  Nisie and I were toward the back.  Don’t remember if Nisie was having a hard time, but I was sweating, huffing and puffing in the back row.  Music is going and my Comadre is all into it…Nisie and I see that Comadre had a small hole in her pants, as the music gets faster and the workout more energetic, Nisie and I were=LOSING it laughing as we watched the hole in my Comadre’s pants get bigger and bigger.   Don’t remember if Mary got mad at us or not … all I remember was that I laughed and laughed.


Driving home from a night-out, my Comadre and I are driving home as the sun comes up … tired and sleepy from a night of partying, we start talking life as people tend to do while the ‘borrachera’ (drunkenness) wears off…we were on Highway 80 and didn’t even notice that we had missed our exit to Midtown Sac;  by the time we realized it, we were almost in Reno…or was it Tahoe?  LOL


The ‘Mevalemadre’ Attitude

I was called out earlier today about my ‘mevalemadre’ attitude … like if it was something bad to have…then again, I thought, “perhaps this person needs to be educated on what my particular  ‘mevalemadre’ attitude is all about’!

‘Me vale madre’ has a literal translation:  “f-it”  (cannot write out the f-word in case Mom is reading this)  which means a word or handful of letters used in impulse to express anger, irritation, and numerous other feelings.   ‘Me vale madre’ doesn’t always have to have a negative connotation, I like the empowering aspect of the phrase itself – basically saying ‘ya estuvo/that’s it’, I’m done with doing things a certain way or not…

I choose to equate ‘mevalemadre’ attitude as that point where you go for it, whatever it is, without anything or anyone holding you back, the main thing being ‘FEAR’.  Fear always seems to creep its head into my business, making me re-think my decisions, making me lose my confidence, making me rely on the opinions of others, making me question myself time and time again.

For many years, in the Radio Event Marketing world, I have been called on to make things happen … doesn’t really matter how I make them happen, as long as I fulfill my marketing goals…any of you who have been part of this world KNOW that we ask for forgiveness rather than ask for permission…that, and we make sure that nothing is against the law or hurts anyone 🙂    Getting that banner up in a strategic place or handling last-minute event emergencies don’t ‘just happen’ … you have to have a certain ‘mevalemadre’ attitude and a couple of well-placed huevos to make things happen.  I still get asked about how I made certain promotions or stunts happen TO THIS DAY and all I know was that it took blind faith, some luck, and a lot of ‘mevalemadre’ attitude.

The key is to keep the ‘fear’ in check…it’s still there, no doubt, and it’s cool to acknowledge that you’re scared to move forward or back with a certain event, issue, or person…but, at that critical moment, it is important to have your ‘mevalemadre’ attitude front and center … this is how you can walk thru any fear, change any event, make anything happen, move forward, leave any negative situation or person, and keep your head high and walk thru any place or situation like you are supposed to be there with your confidence intact.

Living life with a ‘mevalemadre’ attitude…works for me!

A New Start: Washing my Car and my way Back to Simple, Back to Basics, Back to Zero

My life has been so so so full of complications and drama for the past 6 months…I had been trying to keep that lid on tight, to try and control people and events, to try and keep it all together.

Now that it has all fallen apart, there is an absolute sense of RELIEF and hope that RENEWAL is on the way for me as long as I take a minute to RELAX and attempt to put the pieces of my life back together.

I noticed how crazy my life had become when I saw the state of my affairs:  my familia never seeing me; small details falling thru the cracks;  a library fine in double-digits because I didn’t make the time to return what I had borrowed; the interior of my car in an absolute state of disarray because I didn’t make the time to clear it out;  the exterior of my car puro filth and difficult to see out of the windows because I didn’t make the time to wash it; and on and on…it has been said that the physical state of your surroundings definitely mirror your mental state…true!

Got up and washed the ‘jaripeo’ (rodeo) dirt and dust from the car and started to feel better as I rinsed the car down, washed each side, rinsed the soap off of the car, dried the windows and the car  … maybe I will need to approach my life in this manner for the immediate future:  making sure that I make time to take care of my personal tasks and life, thinking about the choices that I’ve made and how to be smarter next time around, and trying to get back to my positive, ‘mevalemadre’, motivated, energetic self.

The key for me will be to keep it simple, keep it basic, and not to be afraid of the number zero … instead of thinking that zero is an end, I will think of zero as a number with no beginning and no end,  one that will always allow me to embrace change and to not live in fear of changing things up in my life when I need to do so, one that will allow me to live my life with my ‘mevalemadre’ attitude intact so that I can get back to the person I am meant to me, the person that I have always have been!

I dedicate this post to you RA – one of my colleagues who described me as ‘chingona’ on a day where I felt anything but chingona … and I think of that day now with a smile KNOWING that I will be back!

                                                            LOL LOL LOL LOL !!!!

Handling Hard Decisions and Inner Chingona

I often wonder:  what the hell happened in 2012?  This has so not been my year!   You name it, it has happened.    I have been put to the test time and time and time and time again in every single aspect of my life this year.  Yes, I have shed huge amounts of tears,  beat up my steering wheel so many times, banged my head in frustration and shouted, “why?”.

But the one thing that I learned, more than anything, is that a combination of things have helped me get thru this mess of 2012:  my familia, friends, God, and, yes, Inner Chingona.    Inner Chingona reminds me, straight-up, that I do matter in this world, that, no matter what, I need to hold my head high and make my life happen for myself.   In the past 72 hours, I have had to drink some serious ‘tragos amargos’ which included shame, embarrassment, humiliation, disgust, anger, and everything in between.   I could have let these situations bring me down and drag me along for an even uglier ride — but Inner Chingona again threw it in my face that I am better than any negative situation or person — that it is better to be nervous, a little afraid, but alive and grateful!

Three more months left of 2012…gonna strive to make the final quarter of the year one of healing, getting my power back, and moving forward…instead of shame, I want to feel confident;  instead of embarrassment, I want to be proud of who I am and what I do, instead of humiliation, let’s try dedication to putting myself in positive situations with positive people; instead of disgust, I want to embrace the good in life, instead of anger – let’s try happiness.   I’ve spent 2012 reacting to and making decisions based on others … quite frankly, tired of living like this – it’s time to be nervous and a little afraid as I  embrace good instead of expecting bad…and time to be grateful for new beginnings …

 Working my way back 🙂