The ‘Mevalemadre’ Attitude

I was called out earlier today about my ‘mevalemadre’ attitude … like if it was something bad to have…then again, I thought, “perhaps this person needs to be educated on what my particular  ‘mevalemadre’ attitude is all about’!

‘Me vale madre’ has a literal translation:  “f-it”  (cannot write out the f-word in case Mom is reading this)  which means a word or handful of letters used in impulse to express anger, irritation, and numerous other feelings.   ‘Me vale madre’ doesn’t always have to have a negative connotation, I like the empowering aspect of the phrase itself – basically saying ‘ya estuvo/that’s it’, I’m done with doing things a certain way or not…

I choose to equate ‘mevalemadre’ attitude as that point where you go for it, whatever it is, without anything or anyone holding you back, the main thing being ‘FEAR’.  Fear always seems to creep its head into my business, making me re-think my decisions, making me lose my confidence, making me rely on the opinions of others, making me question myself time and time again.

For many years, in the Radio Event Marketing world, I have been called on to make things happen … doesn’t really matter how I make them happen, as long as I fulfill my marketing goals…any of you who have been part of this world KNOW that we ask for forgiveness rather than ask for permission…that, and we make sure that nothing is against the law or hurts anyone 🙂    Getting that banner up in a strategic place or handling last-minute event emergencies don’t ‘just happen’ … you have to have a certain ‘mevalemadre’ attitude and a couple of well-placed huevos to make things happen.  I still get asked about how I made certain promotions or stunts happen TO THIS DAY and all I know was that it took blind faith, some luck, and a lot of ‘mevalemadre’ attitude.

The key is to keep the ‘fear’ in check…it’s still there, no doubt, and it’s cool to acknowledge that you’re scared to move forward or back with a certain event, issue, or person…but, at that critical moment, it is important to have your ‘mevalemadre’ attitude front and center … this is how you can walk thru any fear, change any event, make anything happen, move forward, leave any negative situation or person, and keep your head high and walk thru any place or situation like you are supposed to be there with your confidence intact.

Living life with a ‘mevalemadre’ attitude…works for me!


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