The Comadre Chronicles: FunnyStupid Stuff

When driving with ANGIE one of my all-time best comadre-friends, we LAUGHED when she wondered why the windshield wipers weren’t really clearing the windows from the rain;  turned out that the windshield wipers still had the plastic covering on them … made me think about some of the very funnystupidstuff moments with my roommates and close comadre friends…


We were in our apartment in Sac and one of my roommates is scrubbing the kitchen floor…trying her hardest to scrub a stain off of the floor…turns out the stain was a SHADOW…do we still laugh about this one to this day?  Y si…


Again at our apartment in Sac, and our MEChA Club had decided to hold a fundraiser where ‘Tacos de Cabeza’ would be sold … now Carmen was NOT going to go to the cabeza(brains) preparation as the thought made me sick — I was going to stay home and cook beans.   I’m in the kitchen and my Comadre is in the bedroom, I hear a sound that I thought was her ride, so I tell her that her ride is outside.  She’s all rushing around and putting her pants on and running at the same time…girl TRIPS right in front of the door.  I was torn between laughing at seeing her on the ground and trying to figure out how to tell her that, no, her ride had not come after all.

AEROBICS Comadre-Style

We had all decided that we wanted to lose weight and decided to take an exercise class at Sac City College — part of the exercise included an aerobics session.  My Comadre is an awesome dancer and was in one of the front lines.  Nisie and I were toward the back.  Don’t remember if Nisie was having a hard time, but I was sweating, huffing and puffing in the back row.  Music is going and my Comadre is all into it…Nisie and I see that Comadre had a small hole in her pants, as the music gets faster and the workout more energetic, Nisie and I were=LOSING it laughing as we watched the hole in my Comadre’s pants get bigger and bigger.   Don’t remember if Mary got mad at us or not … all I remember was that I laughed and laughed.


Driving home from a night-out, my Comadre and I are driving home as the sun comes up … tired and sleepy from a night of partying, we start talking life as people tend to do while the ‘borrachera’ (drunkenness) wears off…we were on Highway 80 and didn’t even notice that we had missed our exit to Midtown Sac;  by the time we realized it, we were almost in Reno…or was it Tahoe?  LOL


One thought on “The Comadre Chronicles: FunnyStupid Stuff

  1. ay carmen, ur stories are too funny!! i visualize ur stories as i read them and they make me laugh. oye, espero k estes disfrutando de tu domingo y k tu mundo va bien. cuidate y emailiamos de nuevo. 2bro.


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