The Fog is Lifting…

Slowly but surely, the fog that has surrounded me is lifting…

It seems that all I needed was to make a couple of very difficult, yet very necessary, choices. Isn’t it a trip that once you make these types of decisions, that the way suddenly becomes clear…that the previous path only brought frustration and roadblocks and, once the choice is made, that the fog lifts, and with that fog, the stress and drama seems to become much lighter as well. While others can watch from the sidelines and tell me, “you should do this…you should do that…or not”, ultimately, I am the one who has walked through this mess and I am the one who needed to get hit on the head by reality LOL! Everyone’s good intentions, while welcome, was a bit overwhelming at times. I could barely make it through a day, mucho menos, figure out what I was going to do with my life.

One thing is for certain: it’s all about stepping forward boldly and letting Inner Chingona out more as I embark on the next phase of my journey…


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