Inner Chingona Challenge: Being on Time

Was late for a very important appointment and got called out on it.   Man, I really have to get Inner Chingona in gear to get myself to places on time.  How would it feel for me to arrive on time everywhere I go?

In no particular order:

1.  Less stress on the way to the appointment and less stress on my face when I arrive.

2.  Can arrive ready to meet or work my projects.

3.  Can anticipate any emergencies that may come up.

4.  Can actually be counted on to be where I say I am going to be.

5.  Become a woman of my word.

Ok, Inner Chingona…this is so something that I am not accustomed to … and I am willing to learn how to be on time for Item #5 on my list if nothing else…being a woman of my word.   We have a lot of work to do and this work needs to be done QUICK.   aaaaaaaay…


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