Inner Peace Calling Out To Me

After a very stressful day, it was finally time to go home.   However, I was still feeling stressed out and did not look forward to sitting in the car for a couple of hours in traffic … so I got off of the freeway and made my way to one of my favorite places,  parked the car, and immediately went to the back part of my Jeep AKA my closet and hoped that I had ‘walking clothes’…took me a minute to dig out some clothes and my walking shoes…then it was about, where to change?  Where else?  My dressing area…the backseat of the Jeep LOL!  Grabbed my mp3 player and off I went:  had a great walk and realized that I need to make this a priority ASAP for the following reasons:  1) to walk off this ‘lonja’ that is growing on my stomach, 2) to keep taking care of myself and walking off stress, walking my way back to health and away from extra pounds and 3) to think about and plan my future.   Walking helps to keep me positive and productive therefore it MUST become a priority for me like yesterday!


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