Happy 2013 & Welcome to my New “Normal”


Depending how you look at it, I have either had the worst 2012 or the best 2012…I will say that 2012 has been the most challenging, the year that will go down as the one where my resolve was tested, the year where Inner Chingona had to learn how to step in to give me my attitude adjustments more often than not, and, being that I’m a positive person, I know that, some kind of way, that I will come back a stronger person!


Familia: The Torres Fam remains more united than ever thank God. As you may know, Mom got sick earlier this year and the healing process took up our lives 24/7 for a good four months or so. Thus began our new ‘normal’ which isn’t easy…but it’s not a bad thing either. When Mama was at her lowest point and found HER Inner Chingona, she told us that we would all have to work it as a family to help her get back … which we have done and have been able to witness Mama working it a million times over. I’m very proud of my familia and while I do ‘go there’ with them being the oldest in the fam, we all do come together to make sure that we are taken care of. Who taught us the importance of being together and remaining united?  Since I can remember, it was our parents and I am blessed to be able to be there for them, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Career: How many ways can you say ‘roller coaster/up n down/pa’ arriba, pa’ abajo/desmadre’?  OMG – I have gone thru a lot of changes career-wise in the past few months, not all by choice but it is what it is…I can say that in 2012, I was able to see that I can to motivate all types of people to find their power, to get that confidence needed to find honest employment and make a difference, and I was happily surprised that I could really do a good job of this thanks to my friends at the Unity Council. I also learned that you can take radio from the girl but that you can never really take radio out of the girl LOL … had a lot of fun launching Radio Lazer in the Bay Area and now am learning radio from a whole, new window and am so looking forward to a successful ride this time around as part of Entravision Radio.

Interpreter State Exam: It wasn’t meant to be for me to pass the second part of the State Exam but, you know me, I will not give up on this one. I had way too much drama in my life to concentrate on studies full-time in the past few months. However, in 2013, hoping that I can pass the exam once and for all. Believe me; I have learned a lot about the legal system in the past few months so it might be easier for me to get thru the intense exam which is 30 minutes of sitting on that fire in English and Spanish and for saying “chiiiiiiin!’ when I forget what certain words mean. I am most proud of this part of my life because it was the first time in many years that I made a commitment to something and saw it all the way through…just need one more piece to finish this puzzle!

Personal: No need to get into all of the details here but know that, with each passing day, that I am getting my power back, that I will be spending a lot of time learning how to trust myself and the decisions that I make. I am convinced that everyone and everything who/that has come into my path has arrived for a reason…that somehow it will all make sense eventually. It will be a year of trying to forget some things and of forgiving other ones. I have learned, by slaps of reality/a puro trancazo, that setbacks are just as important as successes. It’s the walking thru the setbacks that make people afraid to get up in the morning and try again. Thank God, Jesus, the Virgen of G, and Inner Chingona that I’ve always been able to get up, make things happen and walk thru that fear!

Also Important in 2012 and for 2013:

Said ‘So Long’ to: The Unity Council, Lazer Broadcasting, Ed Salazar, sad about Jenni Rivera’s passing

Welcomed Back:  Entravision Communications,  Inner Chingona, and my sense of humor

Praying for: Continued health of MomDad, everyone at the Ranch & the Grijalva Fam, the huevos to ‘keep on keeping on’ thru this crazy personal time

Looking forward to: Our New Year’s Eve Gala, a successful 2013, writing, writing & more writing, learning another side of radio, finally passing Part II of the State Exam and continued peace in my life!

My life changed for the better on 12-12-12 and, while there’s still a ways to go,  you better know that my all-time favorite quote means more to me this year than any year before:


How many ways can you say “y si?”  Wishing you and yours the best in 2013!  Carmen