Zaz! Quotes that Stop Me In My Tracks


‘You can be badass without f-ing anyone over’ would be how I would translate this one LOL


Working My Way Back: Better Days Ahead

ct pls sunshine 2-23

For the first time in a very long time…got up and was hopeful for my future. I have realized that, in order for me to get thru these past few crazy, negative, sad, stressful months; that I must do the one thing that motivates me like nothing else…find projects and events that get me excited and surround myself with people who can teach me how to produce better events.

On the way to the first of my meetings this morning, I was struck by the gorgeous day and somehow just KNEW that I would be ok, that I would be BACK eventually, that I was better than this crazy situation, that NOTHING would define me without my express permission. The picture above doesn’t do the day justice … it was a very nice view!

A very good sign has always been when I start to visualize how an event will go down — I usually start by blasting music as, for the most part at any event setup, the sound company is always blasting music by 7 in the morning LOL; started imagining people arriving to the event and the looks on their faces as they come thru the doors, and again around 3 or 4 as they have a blast with their familia, friends, and the entertainment, and then when they leave, tired and happy. Once I start seeing the event play out in my head, the creative process takes over and I feel like I can do anything.

Had a great conversation hearing about Maria’s journey through eventolandia … very impressive and what a trailblazer! As I listened to her tell her story, it allowed me to appreciate what others have to teach me and how blessed I am NOT to have to go thru half of what she went thru to make it happen. Love finding people whom I can learn from … yeah, Carmen’s in Eventolandia Graduate School now LOL

For me, good events don’t just happen…you’ve got to have all of yo’ bizness, both personal and professional, in good working order so that you have enough positive energy to make a good event a great event. Carmen is, most def, on her way back…