Celebrating Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez

As the world celebrates Cesar Chavez, I realize that not enough words exist in my vocabulary to describe the impact that CESAR CHAVEZ has made in my world. The first Chicano hero for me, the shining example that I could do or accomplish anything that I wanted for myself because people like him blazed the trail with blood, sweat, and tears. He gave a voice to the ‘sleeping giant’ — we are finally waking up to a power that Cesar Chavez dreamed for us, gave us a priceless road map to continue his path of justice, to be proud of who we are as Latinos, to strive for a better world, and to say it and, more important, mean it when we say SI SE PUEDE!

Can’t wait until we have a National Cesar Chavez Day Holiday!


Inner Chingona Al Rescate Helping Me Tragar El Coraje: Biting your tongue even when the client is NOT right.


I will not go into great detail here but a client, who shall remain nameless, who did not like the fact that “I asked for the order” — told me straight up that I may be that bold in Latin radio but not in General Market radio. Whaaaat?

Suffice it to say, I was in shock.

First, that I’m getting called out on doing my job, that this person likely deals with hundreds of people who ask for an order. Am I to assume that Latinos have no business asking for anything? that we are to take what is left and to take it with a smile? Second, to add to my shock, I almost laughed in this person’s face for a number of reasons: What state do we live in? How many Latinos live in the great state of California? Uuuuummmm, the likelihood of another Latino asking this person for an order is almost a given. Was it because I wasn’t a man? What? So much racism and sexism exists to this day in my business that I would be sick every day of the week if I let it get to me. It just amazes me that people THINK that they can get away with this type of attitude and behavior in business and expect to be applauded for it — well not by this woman, not today.

I decided to completely take the high road and thank this person for letting me know how they prefer to do business. No ‘vete mucho a la ch#$%^&*’ or ‘middle finger up attitude’ when I responded. And, NO, I did NOT apologize for asking for the order either.

What did I get in return?

A nice note telling me not to take offense and this person laid out in detail how they prefer to do business. All that needs to be said. While, again, I did not apologize for doing my job, a simple, ‘no te apures/no worries’ response was all I needed to do. One should always try to respond, as intelligently as possible, to crazy stuff like this. But I love knowing that, sometimes, Inner Chingona helps me handle it in a smooth, diplomatic way and saves me from throwing chingazos when there was no need to do so … not this time anyway LOL.

ASK for what you need. If you have to ask for forgiveness, not permission, do it sin miedo/don’t be afraid.

Working My Way Back: A Soundtrack for My Anger

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Regular readers of Carmen’s Blog know that I have struggled, like many women, to understand certain emotional events in my life where a certain man is involved. You know, some days, the anger and rage at how my life was turned out seem to have no place to go. Well, as I was winding down doing some writing last night, I was searching for some music to listen to as I wrote. Salsa? No. Tejano? Not at that moment. Old School? Menos. Banda? Y si! Jenni Rivera? Hell yes.

So as I start listening to la Jenni, and there I am saying ‘yup’, ‘y si!’, ‘para se te quite hijo de la ch#$%^&*’, and on and on and on. I realized that, as the music started, how very very angry I was STILL, and, how, with each song, that I was starting to get the rage out of my system.

Just needed some girl power motivation and someone to be badass and to sing my story, no liquor required when the truth hits you in the face. Say what you will about ‘La Diva de La Banda’, girl always told the truth and put it all out there. It’s a trip to hear your story out there — let’s me get my ‘coraje’ all out and shows me that I’m far from the only woman who has come face-to-face with a man who did not show me the respect that I should have demanded, to whom I gave a little of myself away every day thinking that this is ‘what you do’. Y para que? So that he could take it and stomp all over it…

A lot of these songs do put it all out there telling men off but they also do something else even more important: they offer women a road map to get a hold of themselves and their anger, to get up every day and live their lives, with or without a man, take care of themselves and their familias, recognize their mistakes and move the heck forward a como de lugar, that there are good peace-loving people out there…and, in the meantime, sometimes, a good song justs helps!

The Importance of Friend Meetings

meeting cafe

Tried and true way for me to get out of any ‘funk’ is to get myself around friends…many times, it’s really hard to catch up with everyone … me? So when I’m in a certain area doing something for work, I now try to set up a ‘meeting after the meeting’ with friends. Lets us visit and catch up and then get back to the work of the day … sooo much fun to kick back for an hour so so, talk shop (as many of my friends are in the same biz as me), toss ideas around, chismear, and LAUGH.

I’m all for “cotorreo” … it’s always fun and, most definitely, helps me on the business side as I’m always in a more positive space and ready to “handle it!” when out there in the big, bad, world. My ‘meeting after the meeting’ was too fun today and I got to visit with people whom I hadn’t seen in months! Ahora si…a trabajar! back to work!